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Authentic Male Confidence

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Leave me a comment on what your problem is when dealing with women and with a little luck win one of three free accesses to my brand-new home study program „Authentic Male Confidence“. Also, don’t miss out on some video tips here on the right (or at the bottom of the page, if you are accessing it from a mobile device).

Why have I done a program that allows men to gain an Authentic Male Confidence?

Looking at the key factors of what makes men successful with women, there a three major problems that are in a man’s way to success:

1. Wrong or insufficient understanding

2. Wrong methods

3. Lack of confidence due to inner obstacles

Whereas the wrong understanding and the wrong methods only slow down a man’s success with women, are they only a very small piece of the puzzle. The vast majority of problems men face when dealing with women are inner obstacles, which the man then brings to the outside world and thereby negatively affects his success.

If that’s the case, then no understanding or technique will make any difference. He will still fail. He will fail because his mind and body will over and over be in his way in the decisive moment and keep him from tackling the things he wants in life.

Most men, who want to improve their love lives do so by focussing on techniques to approach and flirt with girls or by just reading to get a better understanding. However, most problems have a far deeper core and if a man does not tackle the true core of his problems, he may spend all the time he wants, yet make no progress.

And that’s why I have dedicated many years of my life to create a home study program that teaches men how to identify and overcome all these inner obstacles within us that keep us from being successful. This program not only allows you to eliminate all the negative in you, but also to build an authentic confidence that allows you to tackle the things you always wanted. This way you will not only be more confident and sovereign around women, which will naturally attract them, it will also make you enjoy what you are doing… (and speaking for me, this is the best part of it all, because what are we here for, if we don’t enjoy what we do?)

And for this program I have decided to give away three accesses for free to my readers, and that’s how you can get one:

Leave me a comment here below, in which you tell me about your problem and to which extent you can see that its core is somewhere inside of you, such as a lack of confidence, fears, wussying out, … and why techniques and pick-up lines to approach and flirt with women wouldn’t make much of a difference here.

Also tell me how you think your success would change if you overcame this inner obstacle and built an authentic male confidence.

Leave me your comment here, and before the doors open to my new program, I will draw three comments, who will get a free access to my new program „Authentic Male Confidence“ before anybody else.

(Your email address will not appear on the site. You can only use your first name to stay anonymous.)

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  • I have no problem with selfconfidence,fears,shyness & all inner obstacle but I use wrong steps.my friend i want steps to get on physical contact.thanks

  • Daron

    So if you approach a girl like you already know them and make them comfortable around you, then you have a chance of getting them. Is it good body lauguage you need also. Also your saying stop thinking and just do it but what if i don’t know what to say. You want me ro say wants on my mind bit what if wants on my mind isn’t good to say. I dont know I’ll figure it out

  • Joe

    I am very shy and very insucure have very little confedance in my self I think I’m not very good looking scared to apporch a women cause of rejection I started working out lost 40 lbs hoping it will help me but still shy not sure what to do but not giving up just need some help and guides to show me how to stop being shy and more confident

  • Varun

    I have read your each and every mail , and believe me , it’s like I am living in a different reality now . Just bit of non offensive mean jokes work so well u know…also many of my doubts like y women get annoyed when guys approach them have been so clear now that I have a new dimension opened up for me to work on ….really thank u , my gratitudes

  • Clenison

    I’m very shy, and I want to know how to start talk to a girl that I like?

  • Ruan

    Sofar i have applied all advice that have been given to me in these emails and have picked up 3girls using this advice. But i still have this one problem to take things to the next level, as i reach the perfect moment to do it I wuss out and end up doing it in a moment where it feels like the effect of it is just not as strong. I dont wuss out completely but it still feels like im forcing myself to do it and its not coming naturally.

  • trevor

    I tend to be shy and insecure when it comes to all this.I feel my heart pounding very fast ,then confusion comes.In the end i always appear as if l am trying to take those easy shortcuts which is relatively impossible.

  • wayne robbins

    Interesting spiel which is worth exploring for some. When I was young, I sometimes tried this with disastrous results. I have a nice girl friend now who is bonafide stable. This is valuable to me as I am aging. I’ve learned of a chinese proverb, “When you chase two rabbits, very often they both get away.”

  • Akshit

    Hi Mark.
    First of all, thanks for such mails. They really motivated me, and now I have found the one I have been waiting for. Your skills, self confidance lessons and being self have totally helped me. Now the problem I have is that I still hesitate saying something to her sometimes. Like, sometimes I do say something that hurts her a bit, which I don’t want to do. This causes me to loose my confidance. In some cases, I feel like some of my talkings aren’t interesting for her. Also I sometime hesitate doing things I like doing normally infront of her. I know these problem will greatly affect our relationship, hopefully like all your mails, this program will help me cope up wiyh these problems.

  • sistus

    I can get to women but at the end she want us to remain just friends or start to withdraw from our contact

  • kenny

    Hello Mark! I have no problem attracting women especially the pretty ones. The issue is when I’m with women I’m occupied with Fears, Fears of rejection, I cant even touch or kiss them when in private, Hope Authentic Male Confidence Help me as already has.

  • Beone

    Hii Mark,
    My problem is I always get afraid to face that girl which I want. I like her, and sometimes I try to go for her, and tell about my feelings. But I fail. I get afraid about whether she will reject me so badly, or she will insult me in front of all my friends. I want to overcome from this inside fear, and I hope your program Authentic male confidence can help me very well.

  • Michael

    Hello Mark! I have no problem attracting women especially the ones I perceive to be “easy” or not as attractive as most. The issue is when I’m with women I actually want sometimes I have a hard time picking up their signals of interest and figuring out my next move to take things to the next level. This then causes me to be hesitant and not follow through. I hope Authentic Male Confidence can do the trick.

  • Brian

    Hi Mark
    I’m in my late teens handsome but I have this issue with confidence around girls or just anyone new generally.
    I noticed that I have a low self-esteem in my recent years because for the past six years I got this disease that literally eats up my hair leaving some wounds filled with puss I’m recovering now but my confidence isn’t
    Its because of your daily emails that I realized that being handsome doesn’t finish the job
    Much said but I’m confident that your emails will help me bring back a lifetime friend whom I’ve lost touch with because I really have nothing to say to her anymore
    Thank you soo much and stay blessed

  • Hossain Mohammad

    Hey, Mark!
    You’re a very reliable friend and thanks for your such manly response in order to overcome our shortcomings that we many men are facing around women. I’m not submissive in nature rather I have a dominance while talking with women. I never put myself through expressed behavior around women and choose subtle manner. All the time I try to hide my interest around women when I’m actually interested. I can never accept rejection and so, I hide myself when I can feel women’s initial interest around me. My major problem is to turn their attraction to the next level for me. I can make a good start but can’t keep running it.
    I’ll be looking for your kind attention on me.

  • vuyo

    im scared to approach gals , i thnk it coz of the fear i have inside to talk to thm. If i could overcome it i knw i will be more successful with any gal i like.

  • Danny

    A couple of my inner fears is a woman like her would never want to be with me,second one is the fear of getting intimate with a woman cause I have erectile dysfunction

  • Matthew Lohr

    Hi Mark first I Wanna Thank You for This. Anyway my problem is this.Every time I
    Go out to a store.Or the Mall or where ever there are Women.I sometimes ask but
    Get rejected. Maybe I say the wrong thing Idk.Or sometimes I wanna ask but a voice
    In me ses Idk maybe she will reject you.Maybe I Scare them which I pretty much do
    I don’t mean to it just happens. Like one time I was at the Airport there was a resteraunt/Bar There was this Buetiful woman there was 2 as a matter of fact.I wanted
    To go up to her and talk to her buy her a drink or something. But of course I didn’t have
    Much money at the time and its like I was Frozen. I badly wanted to talk to her but its
    Like I couldn’t. I was very Sad angry with myself. And very frustrated Kinda Pathetic
    Idk why I guess the money issue had a lot to do with it I was very hurt very Sad anyway
    That’s my story. Your Friend Matthew

  • Alfred

    Hi Mark, with me the fear of being rejected has crumbled to my nerves just because of one past experience, also raising the standards of the lady then i see myself has a nobody who has no say.

  • Brian

    I find it awesome what you do. What you say and teach is rock solid and I can identify pretty well with your teachings. For too long I have been hesitant with women and I want to finally get off my ass and make a change. Thanks for the chance! I will gladly take it. Give the free access to someone else, I know whatever price you may offer, the results it will bring me will have a much bigger value to me. Thanks for all!

  • bill

    when my mood is good i can talk and flirt a little and women seem to enjoy the interaction. for some reason even in the best circumstances i cannot “close the deal”

  • Nicola

    Hi Mark! I have been reading your emails for a while now and I must say that you really opened my mind on certain aspects about relationships and made me realize things that I would do without even noticing them. I have decided to work on my self confidence because I can see now that the problem is there. And this applies to every aspect of my life. I’ m always insecure about my decisions and always worried about my abilities as if they weren’ t enough for the task that I want to achieve. Talking about relationships I would like to be more free around every person I meet and look and feel more confident and comfortable with the situation. Regarding girls specifically I always tend not to approach girls even if I like them because I’ m afraid of rejection and of the shame that I would feel in front of my friends for failing. Most of the times I feel demotivated about approaching them and I don’ t even know why and I lack the positive energy that I would like to gain and transmit to other people. So thank you Mark for teaching so much to me already and I hope to keep learning from you! Admire your work,

  • Steve

    Hello Mark! My problem is that I have a huge fear. I cannot exactly what I fear or why have it, but I am afraid not to be liked. I look good, but I always think I don’t look good enough. I have a big brother, whom all the ladies love. He doesn’t have to do much for it. And me, I can do whatever I want and women don’t respond to me. You know I am at a point where I am so scared to talk to a girl that I get wet hands and prefer to stay put. I am just too afraid a girl might say something negative about me. That I don’t look good, that I am not her type, or whatever. I want to have the same confidence as my brother does. I am convinced it is his secret, because we look similar. And he doesn’t even need to anything, but he gets all the girls and women seem to find me weird. I know that your program about authentic male confidence will make the difference. I am convinced you can tell me why I feel this fear, what’s the trigger of it and how to eliminate it. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! STeve

    • Philip

      Hey Steve, you and I have the exact same issue. Sometimes, I feel I try too hard, so I later relent. Other times, I think I’m not putting enough effort then probably over do it.

  • Victor

    I’ll think the insecurity arises from early adolescent hood or at that point when you start noticing women,at stage in time two things happen you either get the confidence to talk to a lady or you do not and that to a certain degree determines your relationship With the female gender… I personally find it hard to talk to pretty girls especially the hot ones that got everyones attention cause those are the kind of girls I like….And when face with the opportunity to talk to them even after she saying hi to me first,I’ll always end up blank with words to say or sometimes I jus gv me myself lazy excuses like i don’t have money yet or I’m not dress properly, or I’m shy, or I need us to be alone….there is always an excuse.The confidence is low yet ally friends think I’m this bad ass with the lady.. They don’t know whats up…. I’m Victor by the way

  • Matthew Lohr

    Hi thank you soo much for this.I’ve been dealing with this problem for a long time.Now
    Yes your right It was me this whole time. I just didn’t know what I was doing wrong.I always saw my friends with Buetiful women.But when I tried to ask or approach them
    I Scare them away.I’m ganna work on my problem I didn’t know what I do wrong why I
    Strike out.I see other guys with women and there no different from me.I get nervous
    And shy away thinking there Hanna reject me again. I’m relieved to know the problems
    I just have to solve them.My friend told me its always better to ask them out then shy away but Every time I do I get rejected. Or they make up some excuse not to say yes I wanna beat this problem. I’m having now that I know its me there was a couple of times I had the green light but didn’t act on it.Because I thought it was in my head and
    If I acted on it I would just get laughed at or rejected again. Or I would get in trouble for
    Some goofy reason. I’m glad I’m not the only one out there with this Problem. Anyway
    I wanna beat this problem it all makes sense I LOVE Women everything about them.I
    Just wish they would Love me and be with me.As More then just a stupid friend ship
    Deal I’m done just being friends with them don’t wanna do just friends anymore. I’m ready to move on I wanna know the technics to beating my problems and get the Women of my dreams Thank you. Your Friend Matthew

  • Tokelo

    I think my biggest problem is that I always think that I’m skinny and thinking that girls don’t like skinny guys and this make me feel shy, anxious and also lack confidence because when I see girls laughing I just think they are laughing at me because I’m skinny and not attractive to them. I think techniques and pick up lines won’t make any change to my problems so this Authentic Male Confidence program is the last hope for me. I believe by overcoming this inner obstacles my success with women will be the most amazing one.

  • Danny

    Hey Mark,

    Ever since I can think I am shy around women. I am not sure what exactly lead to it, but the moment I read your email today, it was the first time in my life that someone spoke out exactly how I feel. I can’t put it into words how much of a help your emails and your book have been so far to me. It’s great to see results, and I can fully identify with everything you say. I know for sure that it’s inner problems that keep me from approaching women and I want to know all about it. That’s why I can’t wait to work through your program!


    great stuff about self-confidence. I love it.

  • Stuart

    I am in late 20s and my sexual desires are giving much problem and at the same time I don’t want to be committed to 4s and 5s , I want 10s and 9s in my life.

  • Mark L Heinen

    I have a deep-seated fear of rejection going back to witnessing in my childhood my mother’s apparent rejection of my five year older brother. This has made me shy and withdrawn, unable to risk much in relationships.

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