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About Mark Lambert

Hey there, it’s Mark!mark-lambert

You are probably asking yourself right now who is talking to you here and whether I can really help you with your situation. That’s why I wanted to take some time to answer that.

Right up front, I am no pickup artist and not a guy who can land every woman, nor am I a psychologist or even a couple’s therapist.

For several years now I am coaching guys all around the world and show them how to boost their love lives through authentic means. Through my courses I could help over hundred thousand men worldwide to improve themselves and their love lives.

My master piece ebook “Seduce With Personality” has been translated to several languages and been sold over ten thousand times.

Yet, as cool as all that sounds and as proud as that makes me, I am quite a regular guy.

To be even more honest, up until several years ago in my life I had been unsuccessful with women at a level that hurt pretty badly. I wasn’t able to walk up to a woman if I found her attractive, nor make the next step when a woman had shown interest in me. I always felt like there were chains suddenly coming out of nowhere holding me back. I got shell-shocked, incapable of doing anything.

I was only getting girls once in a while, but it was not the girls I really wanted. And when I eventually met a stunning woman (and when I talk about stunning women, I mean the ones that are not just beautiful, but also have this super cool character), I was mostly nothing more than a friend to her or even someone she didn’t notice.

I spent the next years of my life figuring out why I was not successful with women whereas other guys, who seemed really lame in my eyes, seemed to get them no matter what. I don’t want to bore you with the details about what I have tried, but you can imagine it as if I had tried to hammer into a girls mind that she must find me attractive. However, with every hammer punch to show her that I am a good catch, I became more and more unattractive to her and lost each time more of my self-esteem and self-respect.

But guess what?

I found my way out and I did not just turn it in into some success with women, I managed to change it to the extreme. I achieved a breakthrough.

What it was that changed?

You must know that I used to be the kind of person that always wanted to be liked by everyone, never giving anyone a bad picture about me and who just couldn’t deal with rejection. Every time a girl said no to me I felt like someone is putting a knife between my ribs. I attached my life to these strings to please everyone, but eventually these strings controlled my life and my behavior.

The crucial point that led me to eventually waking up happened when I was in love with one particular girl and instead of success and love, I received failure and contempt.

What I have done as a result was to make a commitment to myself to get this area of my life called women handled no matter what, so these frustrations will eventually end.

Over the next couple of years I had made the most influential experiences in my life that formed me to who I am today.

I figured out that all the men out there that naturally have this vibe going with women never do things in order to please them.

A guy could have said to a woman “Dumbo, what are you doing there?”, but instead of rejecting him or yelling at him, she laughed and hit him on his shoulder in a way that communicated “I like you”. Other guys always agree to what women say. They make them gifts and try to show them that they would make the perfect boyfriend, but what do they get out of it? Rejections and frustrations.

Eventually I realized that everything society, the media and what our mothers have taught us about how to behave with women, is a sure way to FAIL with them. Most of this stuff is good for when you are already in a relationship, but it backfires when it’s about getting there.

I realized that we ALL have the potential to change our lives in a way that we want it and that I would never get the life with women that I wanted if I kept listening to society and doing things others wanted to see in me. I realized that the surest way to failure is trying to please others.

Life isn’t about what others want to see in you. Life is about becoming the kind of person you always wanted to be. I am talking about the person you feel deep inside of you, but who somehow isn’t taking control over your life yet.

Life is about unleashing this person and the desires you feel inside of you. It’s about maturing to the most powerful version of you. And once you have achieved that it’s about learning to let your unleashed personality work for you…also when it comes to succeeding with women.

When I compare myself today with the guy back then, we talk about two different persons. Back then, the shy and self-doubting guy, who didn’t manage to walk up to a woman and today the mature and confident man, who had and has women in his life, better than everything he ever hoped for.

What you probably ask yourself right now is if I have all the answers to solve your particular situation.

I know there are many guys, coaches and advisors out there that promise you that you will get any woman if you do what they teach.

There are also coaches out there that teach you superficial and sophisticated techniques known as “pick-up (PU)”.

I am not a fan of superficial and fake stuff, stuff where you need to disguise yourself just in order to get something. I am a fan of natural things, things you can identify with as they are part of you and things that get results.

Unfortunately, I am not such guy who gives you a guarantee that you will get every girl with what I will teach you. In fact, I will even tell you that you will NOT get every girl with what you are going to learn in my programs.

One reason is that you should think twice whether it’s really possible to get every girl, but the by far more important reason is that it is completely unimportant to get every girl. What counts is that you are able to get the kinds of girls you are interested in, and this is where I come in.

I like to call what I teach as personality seduction as it shows you how to succeed with women with the power of your personality.

As I told you I am convinced and am living proof that you are way more successful with women if you don’t try to please them and don’t try to pull off your best behavior, but instead find a way to be okay with yourself and to develop yourself to a mature, confident and attractive man.

The difficult part about dealing with women is that many of the things you think are right and helpful, are in fact counterproductive. Many of the things that actually make you attractive to women and bring you success are counterintuitive, just like the guy that calls a girl “dumbo” and gets her to smile instead of being yelled at.

Coming back to the question about whether or not I have all the answers to solve your situation, chances are I do not have all the answers to solve your situation, but I am convinced I have the answers that matter.

What you are going to learn in my programs is how to develop yourself to a mature and confident man, to whom women naturally respond in a positive and flirty way. I will teach you how to overcome all the inner obstacles in your way holding you back from acting confident around women. And I will show you exactly all the counterintuitive things which are responsible for whether a woman perceives you as attractive or as lame, and how to use your personality as a tool when it comes to fascinate women.

Unfortunately I cannot solve your situation just by my own knowledge, but what I can do is build the bridge between your current situation and the situation in which you want to be. Your task is taking all my guidance with what I teach you to pass this bridge.

As mentioned earlier I am not a guy who gives a guarantee that you will get every girl, but there is one guarantee I will give you.

You pass this bridge and your life will reward you big time!

You will find that I am a very honest and proud person, and I think that my programs are life-changing and a must for every man, not just to get success with women, but to get success in every aspect of life.

This is why I want you to know that every program I offer to you comes with a 100% 60-day-money-back-guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any of my programs and if you don’t see immediate results, you will get a full refund. No questions asked.

Now, if this is the first time you are on my website and you are curious what you should do next, make sure to participate in my free email-course.

It is the best place to get this area of your life called women handled in the shortest amount of time and completely for free. Sign up by entering your first name and email address below and we instantly get started. Do it now and we talk soon!

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Your friend,

Mark Lambert