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Why Women Test Men And How To Pass These Tests

She has a secret! What that may be?Have you ever heard anybody saying that women test men in order to figure out if he is a potential fit? In this article I will explain to you why women test men, what these tests look like and I will give you my three best ways to pass these tests easily.

When a man meets a woman, what’s happening is that their external directed behaviors are meeting and the woman only gets a glimpse into what the man could be like. In psychology these kinds of behaviors are called ‘personas’. In order to see whether the glimpse and the real personality match, she tests him.

These tests have the objective of helping a woman understand whether the picture a man is trying to sell is really the picture behind him. In most cases she is testing his self-assurance and how he stands up for himself.

If you have read a couple of my other articles, then you know that women aren’t that much into the looks of men, but rather into personality traits. Self-assurance is one of the most attractive traits in a man which is why it is a woman’s highest goal to figure out how self-assured he is.

The tests of a woman have the purpose of filtering the lame loser types of guys from the really interesting, authentic and real ones. They are part of a woman’s portfolio to find the right guy.

What Tests Of Women Look Like

The result a woman wants to get when applying a test on you is to see what your self-image is like. They try to trigger emotions in you and want to see if you can remain cool and in control.

Many times women will tease you, in some cases even insult you or want to see how you react if she flirts with another guy. It’s somewhat of a game she plays with you.

If you think ‘What the f***? Why is she offending me?!’ and react accordingly then you failed the test.

Here’s why you shouldn’t do that…

It shows a woman that you have doubts about yourself and she just found the right buttons to release your insecure wussy.

If you justify yourself when a woman offends you, then it shows her that you are susceptible and dependent on the opinion of others about you. It gives her the picture of you of as a bad leader.

She will conclude that you are not self-assure and will think of you as unattractive.

What You Should Do Instead

I have found that there a three simple ways to pass these tests easily so that she will think of you as an attractive, smart and mature man. All of these follow one simple idea…ALWAYS REMAIN COOL!

Way #1: Laugh about yourself

If she teases or offends you, then be amused by it. Imagine she says ‘Don’t you think your approach was quite lame?’, then stay relaxed and agree with her. ‘Yea, you are probably right. I am definitely not good at picking up women.’ and wink at her.

The purpose of it is to show her that there is nothing out there that gets you nervous. You are a relaxed guy who knows who he is and who isn’t dependent on the opinion of anybody else. That’s a hell of an attractive trait.

Just apply the mindset that you shouldn’t take a woman too serious.

Way #2: Give it back to her

This way is a bit more aggressive, but just as successful. If she is teasing you like in the example above then get her to justify herself.

You could say ‘For it to be an approach, I would have to have interest in you’ and smile at her.

Don’t say that you are not interested in her as this would be a step back and a sign of weakness. Of course you are interested in her otherwise you wouldn’t have approached her in the first place, but with your comment you achieve a shift of power – away from her to you.

Now it will be her to justify herself.

You could do this even more aggressively by saying ‘Yea, is it? You know that I would have never approached you if you hadn’t given me such clear signals.’ In this case it’s also her having to justify her actions.

Way #3: Integrate her

Let’s stick to the same example. If she offends or teases you, then integrate her into what she said and say “…as if you could do it any better…Tell me how should I have done it so you would have said ‘wow, that was an amazing approach’?”

Not only will she smile, but you’ll also have a funny and interesting conversation.

When applying any of these three ways, it’s highly important that you do it with fun and not plain seriousness. If you are charming and have a tiny smirk in your face, you signal to her that you didn’t see her comment as offensive and that you are a hell of a cool guy.

If you are serious though, then you show her that you are insecure and that you have issues to solve.

The idea behind the tests of women is to see what a man is really like. If he is insecure, then these tests will reveal this to a woman.

Lucky guy gets a kiss from two cute twins. Is that a test?The best way to prepare yourself for these tests is to lose your anxiety and to always be calm, relaxed and okay with yourself. Don’t take a woman too serious and you will not only pass those tests easily but also enjoy them.

I love to find myself in one of these tests because it’s a great way to signal to her that I am a cool and relaxed guy, and it can be a hell of fun to blame her.

From there on, it’s easy to start the flirt and to do one step after another to attract and seduce her.

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