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How To Talk To Girls And Arouse Their Interest

If you want to get girls you need to learn how to to talk to girls.

When it comes to talking to women, most guys are reserved and scared of ruining it, so they don’t dare to tempt her.

In this article I want to show you the hidden language ‘naturals’ use when talking to women and why that works so incredibly well.

Truth is, there is only a very tiny percentage of guys out there that know how to talk to girls and that are successful with it.

What most men do when confronted with talking to a woman is usually always agreeing with her on any issue or boring her to hell, so that she moves on to the next guy.

The true problem these guys are facing isn’t how to talk to women that much, it’s more the wrong mindset they apply when it comes to talking to women.

A woman isn’t into a guy who agrees with her on any level.

A woman isn’t into a guy who buys her drinks and flowers or overwhelms her by doing favors for her.

These guys are so afraid that the woman could reject them that they don’t dare to tease her. Instead they prefer to have a boring conversation with her and to instantly give her their approval by showing her that she could do anything she wants with them.

Guess what, this backfires!

Bad. Bad. Bad.

Of course, you know all that.

What a woman wants and needs is a MAN – a masculine, in control and confident man.

By doing a woman favors, paying for her drinks or communicating that they realize how hot she is, they make a mistake that turns women off INSTANTLY.

They give away all their power and pride and sell it for the woman’s approval.

It was as if they walked up to her and said ‘I will buy you a drink and I will do whatever you want as long as you give me your attention.’

The trait these guys are communicating to the woman is dependency, and this is HIGHLY UNATTRACTIVE to women.

A man is not dependent on a woman and when it comes to talking to women, this is the picture you need to sell to them.

When studying guys that know how to talk to women I have seen patterns in their behavior that make them highly attractive to women, and I will now show you some of these.

The Three Golden Ways Of How To Flirt With Women

1. Be a man
Always keep in mind that you are a mature and masculine man, so don’t speak the ‘I am an insecure and needy man who hasn’t been on a date for 7 years and I really don’t want to blow it with you’ language.

Know who you are and be convinced of yourself.

2. Have a high price
A woman can’t know if you are a better or worse deal than other guys, so what she does in order to figure it out is pretty simple. She leaves it up to you to show it to her.

She screens your body language and the way you talk to her, and tries to figure out if you are confident or not.

When talking to women, it should be them looking to get your approval, not the other way round, so at all costs avoid trying to impress them!

3. Be cool, funny and not scared to tease her
Most guys are afraid a woman could throw her drink in their face or slap them if they do something ‘unusual’. Truth is women are bored of the ‘usual’ guys, and when I talk about usual guys, I talk about the guys with no cojones, always trying to please women.

Enjoy talking to a woman. Enjoy making fun out of the conversation with her, but don’t be rude or insulting.

What I mean by ‘making fun’ does not refer to insulting or offending her. It’s more the attitude of teasing her and not being scared to irritate her.

In fact there is even a fourth one and this last one is by far the most important of all.

No matter your looks, if you learn how to talk to women, your chances are good.4. Know how to trigger attraction in a woman
It’s not the logical information you give about yourself that causes her to become attracted to you, it’s the tension you build between you both – the chemistry.

If you have problems building tension when talking to women, then you should do something about it.

Take it from me and stop getting frustrated about it for further months, or even years.

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