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How To Meet Women Anywhere, Anytime

Girls partying at a club. A good place to meet women?For some men, meeting women is just like picking a shirt from the wardrobe. For others it’s a mystery wondering where all guys find their girlfriends, where they meet women and how they do it. In this article I will show you where and how to meet women day and night.

I will say something right now which may surprise you…

It’s all about your attitude.

The Right Attitude For Meeting Women

When I look at the guys that are amazing with the opposite sex, it’s pretty clear to me what’s responsible for their success. For most men though, it’s a mystery.

Many men are convinced that meeting women is an advanced skill in the evolution of men. Truth is, it’s just another social skill that any man can learn. Some men are born into being social geniuses, others are more reserved and get anxious when meeting women.

In order to learn this skill, all it takes is to become more social, more outgoing.

If you are a reserved guy who doesn’t enjoy a conversation with a stranger, then you should learn how to break the ice faster so you feel comfortable.

In order to meet women, you must share the attitude that it’s just about making new contacts, making new friends and getting to hear interesting stories others might tell you.

A mistake many men make is to see meeting women as picking-up women. If you leave home and just go out to ‘hit on’ girls, don’t be surprised if you don’t get one. Imagine you are out in a bar or club, and all it’s about for you is to get girls. You will be so tense and desperate about meeting women, that it won’t be enjoyable for you or for any girl out there.

You will communicate something called negative charisma, and this will instantly turn off any women.

However, if you go out with your pals and just have the attitude of having a good time and enjoying your life, you will have fun. You will be more open-minded, more social and more outgoing. Women will look at you and your friends and will wonder why you guys are having so much fun whereas other men are just so tense about looking cool.

You will communicate positive charisma, and this attracts women.

Without knowing how, you will find yourself interacting with different groups of people throughout the night – men and women. This is by far the best way to meet women.

Where To Meet Women

Something that fascinates me is people complaining about meeting no women or meeting the wrong type of women.

Well, if you are looking for a serious relationship, trying to hook up with chicks in night clubs shouldn’t be your aim.

In general, you need to differ between meeting women throughout the day or in nightlife.

There is a main difference though in the behavior and the attitude both men and women share.

At night, it’s unwritten law that this is the time of flirting and having fun. People wait all week long to go out after having had a stressful week and now just want to have a good time with some friends or want to party hard. Either way, it’s pleasure time and no time for serious talk.

If you meet women throughout the day, they are more reserved and not that much into flirting, and it’s better to start with a normal conversation.

Best Places To Meet Women

Most men try to go out at night in order to find women – both relationship material as well as ‘pleasure material’. Truth is throughout the day, your chances of finding a good, attractive woman are much higher than at night.

At night women are just not themselves and if you are no party-king or really outgoing, it may be difficult to get their attention. Throughout the day, you can just start a normal conversation and smoothly move on to flirting. And the best thing about it is that you’ll see what a woman is really like (and not when she is drunk, partying hard and acting like an untouchable princess in a nightclub).

Here are some of my very favorite places to meet women throughout the day:

  • Salad and yoghurt bars

Most women are much more concerned about their looks than men are. You will hardly ever see an attractive woman entering a McDonald’s or fast food store. Go and look for healthy food bars and restaurants.

  • Sports classes

Women love to do sports – no matter if it’s dancing, volleyball, yoga or whatever. You will find plenty of interesting women attending such classes and the great thing about it is, in most cases there is no competition from other men and it’s so easy to start a conversation.

  • Cafés

When looking for a café to meet women in, you should try to look for one without single tables, otherwise you will have to walk up to her table in order to engage her. For many guys this takes too much courage.

  • Libraries

These are a horrible place to flirt as you need to be absolutely silent, but it’s a great place to meet women in the first place, and mostly they are students. Instead of libraries you can also go to any bookstore into the novels section and ask a woman if she knows a good read.

  • Gym

Since most gyms offer classes, there are not just anabolic guys running around in their short panties; you will also see plenty of attractive women there. Meeting women at the gym is one of my favorite spots as it’s a no-brainer to engage them in conversation. Just walk up to her and wait for her to finish the exercise and in the meantime while you are waiting talk about some exercises or about the gym itself with her. It doesn’t get any easier.

Women reading a book. Maybe bookstores are a good place to meet women?The best way to meet girls though is by not planning it.

Most interesting women enter your life without a heads-up. It’s these situations you should be prepared for, because many times you are looking for a girlfriend but all you get is women you are just not into. Other times you are more into being single and trying to see several girls, but then one of them is stunning and you end up in a relationship with her.

You just cannot plan it, and you shouldn’t try to.

Learn to be prepared to meet women anywhere, anytime and have yourself together so that you can walk up to her and engage her.

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