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How To Get Girls And Be More Than Just Friends

Couple enjoying their spare time together.When it comes to getting women, most guys are afraid to ruin it, so they either try to please a woman or they don’t make a move. In most cases they end up with nothing but frustration. In this article I am going to teach you the foundation of how to get women.

Most men are reserved when it comes to making a move.

They think if they just moved on to the next stage with a woman they could blow it and she could lose her interest as she would reject any efforts to create sexual tension. So what they mostly do about it is nothing, and in the end they wind up with nothing either.

There are plenty of guys out there that can go on dates with the same woman over and over again and nothing happens. And there are other guys out there that really know how to get women and that can get the very same woman to bed in no time and still make her their girlfriend afterwards.

If you are interested in a woman, then it’s crucial that you show her from the beginning that this is not supposed to be a friendship.

If you dare to build tension between you two or stop at an early stage, a woman will think that this is the final stage at which you want to be with her. And if you don’t get into building sexual tension with a woman, she will not think of you as lover material.

What most women say about men in these types of situations is that there has been no chemistry.

The main problem most guys have is when it’s about time to get a girl, they have the wrong picture about women.

The Wrong Picture About Women

In many guys’ eyes, a woman can either be a devil or an angel.

The devil is the kind of woman who plays with guys and is only into having sexual adventures.

If the girl of interest doesn’t seem to be a devil, then she needs to be an angel, and angels don’t do ‘nasty’ things. If you are interested in an angel-type girl, then you need to be the nicest guy she has ever met and not show that you are sexually interested in her too soon or you will blow it.

Truth is, every woman is a devil and an angel – just to a different extent, and they all show it differently.

When you want to know how to have a woman, then your goal should be to take one step after another, as what eventually differs a lover from a friend is the tension.

Whereas most guys would sleep with their female friends, this is usually a no-go for women.

Guys would even sleep with girls they had no interest in whatsoever, but for women it’s different.

Women always need to feel IT.

Women only start something with a guy when they feel IT.

The ‘IT’ refers to attraction, chemistry and sexual tension, but the IT doesn’t necessarily have to refer to a relationship. Women NEED the sexual tension before entering a relationship.

If you go out on a date with a woman several times and you refuse to make your move in order to build some tension, she just won’t feel it and she will see you as friend material, not as a potential lover.

When she gets home and starts telling her friends about you, she will use the words ‘nice guy, but there just has been no connection’.

Women want to CONNECT.

They want to connect physically and emotionally, so don’t use your logical mind that tries to draw a picture of an angel which has no sexual fantasies.

There are women out there who really don’t like sex, but they are rare.

In most cases women are just somewhat more reserved than men are when it comes to sex, as they need a physical and/or emotional trigger which lets them feel it and hence want it, whereas most men don’t necessarily need to feel anything as long as she looks good.

The Real Problem When Try to Get Girls

The real problem about how to get girls is that many men focus too much on how to get a girl’s attention rather than getting a girl’s interest. As a result they try to dig out their best behavior and are too shy to create tension as they are anxious about blowing it with her.

They act like they haven’t been on a date for years and are desperate to get a woman, which leads them to be clingy and needy when trying to get a woman’s attention and approval. Guess what…this is UNATTRACTIVE.

Women hate men trying to impress them or begging for their attention. It is as if they’ve written on their forehead ‘I need a woman’.

The ‘I need a woman’ attitude is usually the opposite of the ‘I get a woman’ attitude, and if you communicate to a woman that you desperately need her, then you definitely won’t get her as you’ll be scaring her off.

These guys are so much into how to get a girl’s attention that they completely disregard the chemistry. A woman needs to have a feeling committing her to you – and this feeling is not caused by offering yourself to her.

Giving a woman some attention is good and necessary in order to start it all, but giving too much of it communicates your dependency and clinginess.

What To Do About It: How To Really Get Girls

Is she an angel or a devil?In most cases the problem behind all of this is that a man lacks self-confidence and options in other women, so that he is not only communicating to a woman that he is needy, but many times is even convinced of it by himself.

As a result some guys don’t do anything, overwhelm the woman by being so tense about it, or give themselves liquid courage. None of this will help you how to get girls though, as you lack what a woman needs to see in any man.

If you are one of the guys that either lacks the self-confidence to make a move in order to build sexual tension with a woman or just don’t know how to make a move in the first place, then do yourself a favor and take it from me.

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