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How To Be Confident Around Women

How to gain confidence around womenNothing triggers attraction in a woman as fast as confidence in a man. If you don’t feel confident around women, you will not only be unable to act the way you want, but feel insecure and be unattractive to women as well. In this article I will reveal the true secret to becoming confident.

Truly speaking I have friends that get so tense and insecure when they see a beautiful woman, that they can’t do anything but freeze.

I also have friends that seem to have no respect at all when a beautiful woman is nearby. You know those moments when a beautiful woman enters the room and suddenly all boys turn around, make their childish comments to their buddies or just freeze and are stunned by their beauty.

Guess what my latter mentioned friends do?

They see her coming in and don’t pay further attention, but a couple minutes later they walk up to her and talk to her in a way most guys would never dare to.

They talk to her as if she was their little sister disregarding all her beauty and the fact that most other guys in the room would break up with their girlfriends if she gave them her attention or spend all their money for her if she just went out on a date with them.

And guess what?

My friends nailed it, over and over again.

They act so confident around her that she smells this coolness in them, and can’t help but feel attracted to them.

Confidence around women is key, so make sure you learn how to be confident around them.

It’s not just a great feeling to be able to behave the way you want around women no matter how hot she is, but it’s also one of the most effective ways to arouse her interest in you.

Unfortunately, not all of us are born as confident geniuses nor have we all learned how to be more confident.

It is especially the “normal” guys with a good education who have always been protected by their parents in their childhood, who are the ones that lack confidence as they mostly never got into much trouble and never had real problems to solve.

This is why it’s mostly the normal guys who aren’t successful with women.

If you are one of them or also lack confidence around women, for the moment how to build self-confidence should be your #1 goal.

The Two Criteria For How To Be More Confident

I have figured out that there are two key things that determine your confidence: your experience, and your mindset.

Guys who face challenges at an early age are forced to build confidence as they sense very early what it is like to act responsible.

On another hand if you have been raised by parents who took good care of you, and you always had someone looking after you, chances are that you are not as confident, as you never really felt what it’s like to be responsible for yourself.

Responsibility creates confidence.

If you are not confident, start with accepting responsibility for your life and everything that comes along with it. Accept responsibility for small things, because then you will start being challenged.

And every time you pass a challenge, you will start believing more and more in you.

Besides experience, there is something mostly automatic that comes along with a successfully passed challenge, which is a shift in your mindset.

Truth is, that the way you think and the ways you see things have a strong influence on how you behave.

Confident guys believe in themselves, and their behavior shows it.

When they are challenged they believe in themselves and know that they will pass this challenge. Guys that lack confidence doubt themselves in such situations and start moaning and get all whiny instead.

Even though a successfully passed challenge eventually shifts the way you think to having more confidence, this is also working the other way round.

Learn how to feel confident around women.

If you start to believe more in you, you will feel and act more confident. At the beginning this may cause you some effort, but the more often you do it, the better you get at it and the better the results you will see.  Once you really act and feel confident around women deeply from the inside, you will see a huge improvement in your success with women.

On top of that, you will start to value yourself a lot more as gaining confidence goes hand in hand with building self-esteem.

This is the time when everything you do around women will work ten times better than when you would have done it without this inner feeling of confidence, coolness and self-esteem.

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