Revealed: What exactly you have to Say and Do in order to approach women in different situations, flirt with them and get their number!

Let’s be honest… when we see a guy talking to an attractive woman and she laughs, talks to him and gets totally involved with him, then the same thing comes to our minds…

What did he say and how did he do it?

A secret that I was afraid of for years to ever tell anyone

Just a few years ago I had a secret that I didn’t trust anyone with. I went to bars and clubs several times a week and almost always went home alone.

But the problem was not that every woman had rejected me and had no interest in talking to me and getting to know me better. No, not at all, because:

I had not even tried it in the first place!

Whenever I saw a woman that I liked (and that happened quite frequently), I immediately felt this urge to get to know her better. But right after I realized that I really had to walk up to her and have a conversation with her, I felt this unexplainable fear that had driven me crazy on the inside.

The bizarre thing was that this unexplainable fear that I have felt, actually felt worse than physical pain. I would rather have gotten involved in a fight than to do something as simple as approaching a woman and talking to her.

And the argument why I didn’t do it, was always the same.

What am I going to say to her?

The only strange thing was that I actually had no idea why I felt this fear of approaching a woman. I couldn’t tell anyone about it either, after all I couldn’t even explain it to myself and it also sounded absolutely crazy, as if something was wrong with me.

It wasn’t that I was afraid of getting rejected. Sure, it never feels good when a woman doesn’t want you and you receive a rejection. But I knew that my world would not end if I had gotten rejected, yet though I felt this incredible panic about it, which I simply could not explain.

And the same thought kept popping into my head again and again… what can I say to her? And not only to approach her, but also in order to keep the conversation going?

Today, many years later, I think that the reason for my fear was not really the fear of being rejected by a certain woman, but rather the fear of being there looking like an idiot.

An idiot who approaches a woman and then does not know what to say.

An idiot who approaches a woman and then doesn’t know how to keep the conversation going.

An idiot who approaches a woman and then doesn’t manage to get her excited and get her number to see her again later on.

While at the time I thought that I was an exception and didn’t tell anyone a single word about my fear, because I thought that people would consider me to be completely crazy, today I know that many men have this very simple problem:

Not knowing what to say and what to do.

And maybe, so do you?

While I’ve wasted many years of my life doing NOTHING and rather watching other men take the chances that have opened up for me as well, I’ve spent even more years trying to figure out exactly what those successful guys were doing and how they did it.

When these guys took me under their wings – guys who approached women without thinking twice and for whom it was an easy thing to engage into a conversation with them and get them excited – my life turned around 180 degrees.

I used to always look for excuses when my buddies said, “Mark, she looks cute. Go and approach her”, just so I would not have to face this inner fear, which I could not really explain at that time.

Not only did I look for reasons to tell my friends why I didn’t want to approach this woman, but I also looked for reasons to ease my own conscience.

I have wasted many years of my life in which I have not lived my life to the fullest. Instead, I rather preferred to sit quietly in my comfort zone and made sure that nothing could ever change.

To be totally honest, I have made even more mistakes, which I have also recognized in many men over time.

The 6 Biggest Mistakes Men Commit Approaching Women

Mistake No. 1: Letting the situation pass

No matter if you have a lot of experience when it comes to approaching women, nothing is worse than letting the situation pass by, because then you will definitely NOT achieve ANYTHING. Even when you have no experience and make every possible mistake, after some time some woman is still going to go for it. Thus doing nothing is always the worst option.

Mistake Nr. 2: Letting your fears take control of your life.

It is sad to see that many people prefer to stay within their comfort zone and deny themselves great happiness simply because of their fears.

Do you want to determine how your life unfolds and experience the things that are good for you and make you happy every day or do you want to allow an “inner parasite” to control your happiness?

If you suffer from fear, learn how to overcome it. And until you have done that, accept it and realize that something else in your life is more important than your fear.

Mistake Nr. 3: Thinking that you have to say something extraordinary

Most men think they have to say something extraordinary, something a woman has never heard before and that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. However, this not only makes you freeze but also unnatural. Truth is that the more natural your move is, the more attractive the woman perceives you, as you demonstrate several positive qualities at the same time and thus make her feel much more comfortable speaking with you.

And besides, you make it much easier for yourself when you approach a woman in a natural way and don’t think about what smart thing you might say.

Mistake Nr. 4: Searching for Pick-Up Lines

Making everything clear with one line – approaching her and arousing her interest. It’s a childish idea that makes most women reject you. When a man uses cheesy pick-up lines, he shows a woman that he actually has no idea of how to deal with women and what a woman actually wants.

Mistake Nr. 5: Not the WHAT but the HOW matters

Many men get obsessed with wanting to know what they can say, without paying attention to their full appearance or how to underline your words with specific actions.

The exact words we use make up only 7% of how a woman perceives us. 55% fall on our body language and the remaining 38% on our tone. Your words must therefore match with the rest of your appearance.

However, knowing exactly WHAT to say has a completely different benefit for a man. It gives him the inner security to approach women. And he also radiates this inner security to others, which makes him much more attractive and convincing for women.

If he then also learns proven techniques to know exactly how to use his words and actions, he drastically multiplies his chances!

Mistake Nr. 6: Doing Nothing

It’s no big deal to have made any of the previous mistakes one or even several times, because none of us were born knowing exactly how to appeal to women and arouse their interest. It is a skill that we have learned when we needed it. However, some of us have had more (and better) support than others.

You cannot change your past, but you surely can change your future. The worst thing that a man can do in this situation is to settle for this situation and continue committing the same mistakes in the future, that he did in the past, instead of finally recognizing, accepting and acting upon his responsibility for it.

Do something about it and learn today how to approach women confidently once and for all in every situation and then learn how to continue the conversation in order to arouse their interest.

Take control over your own life TODAY and don’t miss another chance, as of today you finally know exactly what you have to say and do to approach women and flirt with them

While my past has been a horrible time full of unused opportunities and the resulting self-hatred, nowadays it almost NEVER happens that I leave a chance unused, because for each and every situation out there I have countless ways that tell what I should say and do in this situation, to open the conversation with a woman, to arouse her interest and make her want more.

You’re probably sitting on your computer or smartphone right now, reading this page and feeling exactly what pain I’m talking about.

How many opportunities have you already missed? And how did you calm down your conscience to distract you from the obvious truth?

Before we start putting salt on the wound and remembering past experiences that we missed and can’t change anymore anyway, let’s rather focus on the future. Let’s focus on what we can change. And let’s speak about the great news how you won’t ever miss any of those chances ever again, because you will finally be able to approach ANY woman you like.

Just imagine the following …

Here you are: In a club, in a bar, at work, at school in the courtyard or on campus at university, no matter where you are, you see a woman you like and without thinking much about what you have to say or do, you walk up to her, tie her into a conversation and experience how she enjoys speaking with you. How she invests more and more into the conversation, while you see her attraction for you rise.

You feel this this inner strength, when a woman not only gives you her attention, but also shows you that she’s interested in you.

While for you this may have always been a dream that seemed so far away, let me tell you how close you are to making this dream real.

Revealed! The exact methods the successful guys use to approach women and flirt with them, and the effects they have on women.

I enjoyed the privilege to learn by the successful guys and see exactly what they say and do in order to approach women and arouse their interest. And that in the most diverse situations day and night.

And I want to make all of this available to you now and not only show you exactly what you should say and do to approach women and flirt with them in all kinds of situations, but also share with you all of their secret success techniques.

When I started learning from these guys, at first, I didn’t really understand why it worked, what they were doing. It all appeared so natural and simple. But after years of going out with them and seeing them in action, some very clear patterns have gradually emerged.

It is no coincidence why one man succeeds with women and another doesn’t. Most people see it as coincidence though, because they don’t know these techniques and their underlying psychological principles.

I have recognized exactly 22 different techniques these guys both in order to approach women and to flirt with them.

These techniques are very natural and when I show how simple yet effective it can be to deal with women using these techniques, you will want to bite your ass. And all of that without acting like a lame player.

When you apply these techniques women will perceive you very natural and authentic!

And I offer you all of those 22 techniques today.

As if that was not enough already, I will also teach you everything you need to know to successfully approach the woman you like at any place and any time. Yet that’s still not it.

Before I tell you the best thing of this course, take a look at three short video clips from this course:

Treating her like a guy

Finding out whether she’s single

The right way to use a compliment

That was 7 minutes of 4 hours of video footage in which I will teach you absolutely everything you need to know in order to be able to successfully approach women anywhere any time and flirt with them!

And now we get to the real beauty of this course…

On top of that I will give you an exact script for almost every situation in which you will ever meet women – showing you exactly what to say and do, from the first word you say until the end, when you get her number or get physical. However, not for you to memorize this script, but rather to show you exactly how the successful guys do it and how you can do it too from today on!

While I have had to invest years of my life and a lot of frustration to have the knowledge and skills that I have today, you can have all of that within a tiny fraction of time – and without all the trial-and-error and frustration.

Let me show you all this in my course “Approaching Women & Flirting – Know exactly what to say and do in every situation using proven techniques and word-for-word scripts“..

In case you’ve always wondered exactly what the successful guys say and do in order to appeal to women, what exactly it is that they say when they flirt with them and how they “bring the whole thing home”, then my course “Approaching Women & Flirting” is going to be the best investment in your life full of opportunities that you will take advantage of.

Scripts for the 18 most common situations in which you will get to know women at day & night, so that you always know exactly what to SAY and DO

Let me show you exactly how the successful guys do it, and from now on know exactly what you have to say and do in every situation when it comes to approaching women, flirting with them and getting them.

And for that I have done something that you have probably always secretly wished for.

I have designed exact scripts showing you what these guys say in whatever situation and a detailed analysis of why it is so powerful what they are doing at that moment and what effect it has on women…

… and all of this for the following situations, so that you really know how to meet women wherever you are:


At a club on the dance floor:

Have you ever seen a woman on the dance floor who was so appealing to you that you would have loved to be all over her? Learn my best method to talk to her and to arouse her interest.


Waiting in line in front of a club:

Frauen vor der Disco ansprechen

How many times have you already seen hot women queuing up in front of a nightclub? And how many times would you have wanted to flirt with them here already? Let me show you how and how you can continue the flirt when you are inside the club!

At a club at the bar counter:

It’s the spot where every woman will stand several times at night, and an ideal spot to flirt with her. Find out how!


At a bar after she has given signals:

Have you ever had eye contact with a woman who was sitting at the bar counter? The lights are green, she is waiting to be approached! Let me show you how!


At the bar counter with a friend:

She hasn’t given you any signals yet, but is sitting there talking to her friend? Find out how to proceed differently here!


In a stand-up bar with friends:

Frauen in einer Stehbar ansprechen

When I speak of stand-up bars, I mean those where people don’t sit but are mostly standing. They are one of my favorite locations, because it’s much easier to start a conversation and establish physical contact. Let me show you exactly how to do it!

At a party:

How often have you been to a party of a friend or a friend of a friend, and not taken your chances with the many wonderful women you typically find there! Personally, I love talking to women in this environment, because you are not in a rush and you can have much more profound conversations! I’ll show you how (even how easily to get her number)!




Alone at a table at a café:

Frau im Cafe ansprechen, die beschäftigt ist

The perfect spot to meet women during the day! They are relaxed and it’s their spare time (yet sometimes even quite busy). Find out how you can approach a woman in a café who sits alone at a table and what you can say to her, especially to arouse her interest!

At a café, when she is waiting in line to order something:

Here you find me quite often (and also many women)! Women love going to cafés. Take a look at a Starbucks in the afternoon – fully packed with interesting and mostly even intellectual women. How can you approach her under time pressure when she is standing in line in front of you? I’ll show you how!

At a café with friends at a table:

Frauen im Cafe an einem Tisch ansprechen

The scary moment – what to do when a woman is out with her friends AND even sitting at the same table? I’ll show you how to intrude into her territory, deal with her friends and speak with the woman you’re interested in!


At university:

Frau in der Uni ansprechen

You like one of your fellow students and wonder how you can get it going with her? Let me show you how I have done it back in my university days!


At school:

Mädchen in der Schule ansprechen

Are you a little younger and still going to school? And do you like a girl from your school? Let me show you how you can approach her and more!


At the gym during a workout:

She is sitting at a machine and you find her hot. Does that sound familiar to you? How can you get to know her best? I’ll show you how to talk to a woman in the gym and how to flirt with her!


Out on the road:

Frau auf Straße ansprechen

How often do you see great women on the road from A to B? Especially in city centers or malls, about thousands of times each day! But what to do when you don’t have much time? Please save yourself the trouble of asking them for directions or anything like that! I’ll show you how to get it right!

In the bookstore/library:

Frau in Buchhandlung ansprechenEvery now and then reading a book doesn’t hurt, and what a coincidence that you also find many attractive women who not only look good, but are also smart! Let me show you how to approach women in a bookstore and library, and how to get their number in order to meet them later on a date!


At the supermarket:

Frau im Supermarkt kennenlernen

A very underestimated spot, but every woman goes there. I’ve already had some great flirts there and I’d love to show you how to start… and finish.


Out shopping:

Frau beim Shoppen ansprechen

The favorite hobby of most women. That’s also why I like to do it. It’s great to see women looking for clothes and working on their look. You certainly know that, but how do you best approach her and how do you get her to give you her number? Find out how!

On the train:

Frau in der Bahn ansprechen

Although I really hate the train, because it is always late, almost every time I use it I see a cute woman, I would love to have a little chitchat. It’s very simple because you have time to flirt with her… it only gets stupid when you really like her and then it turns out that she comes from quite far away. But I will show you nonetheless how you approach her and flirt with her!

Now the time has finally come!

You can watch my complete online video course right now on your computer, tablet or smartphone and get:

  • Access to my almost 4-hour online intensive course, which teaches you everything you need to know to approach women and flirt with them: from the first contact to the end of the conversation. All you have to do is press play. You won’t even have to download anything.
  • Access to my “SWP Toolbox”: This toolbox tells you the 22 best methods that all the effective guys use every day to approach women, arouse their interest and make them want them.
  • My 11 specifically designed scripts that show you word-by-word how to approach a woman in the most common everyday situations, flirt with her and successfully conclude the conversation so that she wants more of you. In all these scripts you will see the 22 techniques of my SWP Toolbox in action, so you know exactly how to apply them.
  • My 7 specifically designed scripts that teach you the same for the most common situations in nightlife.
  • My “tracking system”, which allows you to track your success and fine-tune the 22 techniques to make them fit your own personality.
  • Personal contact to Mark Lambert: Whenever you have any questions about something related to my course, just send me your question and receive a personal answer from me.

You have a lifetime access to everything!

Get your access to my course now and start learning all about it today so that you can approach women wherever you go and arouse their interest in you.

Approaching Women & Flirting

by Mark Lambert, published 2019, only available as online video course

Learn the secrets and tricks to successfully approach women everywhere and get to know the exact methods the “naturally effective” guys use, so you always know exactly what you can SAY and DO next!

Price: $ 197 USD

My 60 Days Guarantee of Success:

Try my program for 60 days & approach more women or get your money back!

As you know from me, what I teach works and I am very much committed to every man getting the success with women that he is longing for and that he deserves. So take a look at this course, read through all the scripts and go out, apply everything and if you don’t see massive results immediately, don’t pay anything!

No questions, no tricks.

Just send me an e-mail within 60 days and show me that you have worked with my course and I will refund you your money immediately!

Why am I so crazy to offer this?

Because I know that it works.

But don’t take my word for granted and find it out for yourself – at my risk!

You have nothing to lose and a life to win full of opportunities and women!

Therefore, get my course “Approaching Women & Flirting” now, watch it straight away on your computer, tablet or smartphone and steal all the methods the successful guys use day in and to approach women and get them.

Approaching Women & Flirting

by Mark Lambert, published 2019, only available as online video course

Learn the secrets and tricks to successfully approach women everywhere and get to know the exact methods the “naturally effective” guys use, so you always know exactly what you can SAY and DO next!

Price: $ 197 USD

These are just a few of the things you are going to learn in my course “Approaching Women & Flirting”:

  • The best line you can pull off in any kind of situation – especially when you see a great woman and don’t know what to say. Note: This is not a stupid pick-up line, but a sentence that qualifies you as interesting and cool in an instant.
  • How you trigger attraction in women by using “total honesty” – this method is divine. On the one hand you remain completely natural and authentic, because you don’t disguise yourself and on the other hand you make yourself really interesting by using this method. However, there’s a little something you must regard for it to work. Otherwise women might perceive you as tiring. Rest assured that I will show you to do it right.
  • How to show your interest in women without overwhelming them – most men scare a woman away when they confess their interest in them. I’ll show you how to do it and even increase their interest in you while doing so.
  • My SWP Toolbox – the 22 best techniques of the natural and effective guys who approach women whenever and wherever they are and turn any conversation into a flirt with them. With this toolbox, you will NEVER not know what to say or do to approach a woman and flirt with her. These methods work both to start the conversation as well as during the conversation, and you can use them to turn any conversation into a delightful flirt within in an instant.
  • Knowing exactly what you have to say and do – exact scripts for the most common situations where you meet women by day and by night. I am not only going to show you how to structure the whole conversation from the beginning until the end, but also how the 22 techniques are reflected within these chats and the effect they have on women. And that for 18 situations. Honestly, you will be so inspired that you will want to go out immediately to approach women and flirt with them.
  • The four most commonly used methods to successfully initiate a conversation – with these four methods you manage to approach a woman and at the same time create the urge in her to respond to you and not reject you.
  • How to end the conversation properly – I will show you in various cases how to end the conversation with a woman in a way that allows for more. Not in every case it’s good to ask her for her number. I show you when and how you do it so that she really wants to see you again.
  • Effective Trouble-Shooting – I will show you how you should respond when a woman confronts you with your move. This qualifies you as interesting for her in the blink of an eye.
  • How to eliminate your shyness – in case you get shy in the decisive moment and don’t dare to approach her or to become more intimate in your conversation with her, I have a trick for you, that allows to eliminate your shyness in a heartbeat, so you can freely approach her.
  • How you directly qualify for a woman and show her that she should be after you – and that without even trying to impress her.
  • How to keep the conversation exciting when you feel that it’s losing momentum and you don’t know what to say or do next.
  • How you feel strong and comfortable during the conversation – I will show you the right mindset that allows you to feel comfortable and radiate your charisma when you want to speak to a girl. Most guys already fail at this basic requirement. If your way of thinking does not allow you to be flirty with women, then your behavior won’t be able to reflect that either and your appearance will not be attractive to women.
  • How you deal with rejection and turn it into something positive – everyone is being rejected from time to time and that can be a good thing, because we simply cannot appeal to every woman. I will show you how to even feel better after a rejection than before.
  • The 4 mistakes that most men commit during the approach and the conversation, and how you do it right so that a woman gets interested in you and wants to get to know you better.
  • “The Irresistible Triangle” – the three characteristics that you must signal to a woman during your flirt, in order to trigger attraction within her.
  • How you have to approach a woman differently when she’s already sent signals and how, if not – I will show you what you have to do differently when you recognize signals from a woman at a distance and what you have to do when she doesn’t send them.
  • The differences of the different locations and what they mean to your approach – Approaching women in everyday life and at night differs considerably. I will show you what your goal must be in each situation. Most men have no goal and overwhelm a woman or bore her, because they don’t know what their goal should be. This will not happen to you.
  • The 7 mistakes that most men make when flirting, which makes a woman lose interest within the blink of an eye and how to turn them into strengths instead.
  • and much more

Why it is so important to master the ability of being able to approach women wherever you go

Back when I was still bad at this, I always started to calm my conscience after I wussed out and didn’t take a chance that presented itself to me. I told myself that if a woman had really been interested in me, she would have approached me as well.

That actually happened from time to time, even though it wasn’t very common. Yet the women, who eventually approached had never been the kinds I was at all interested in.

I would love to tell you that it is not important to be able to approach women, because you can get a woman with other qualities. But that would be a lie, because how do you get to the point where a woman recognizes all your qualities, when you already fail at the very beginning and don’t even get to the flirt? Instead she starts something with a guy who has half as much to offer as you but who dared to talk to her at the decisive moment. But I probably won’t have to tell you that and that’s why you’re reading this.

You’ve been waiting on the side benches for long enough and missed enough opportunities in your life simply because you didn’t know what you could have said or done. But from today on you have the chance to turn your entire future with women around and not only learn what the successful guys say and do to get women, but to become one of them yourself.

Go and get my course “Approaching Women” now and let me tell you all their secrets that you have always wanted to know.

Approaching Women & Flirting

by Mark Lambert, published 2019, only available as online video course

Learn the secrets and tricks to successfully approach women everywhere and get to know the exact methods the “naturally effective” guys use, so you always know exactly what you can SAY and DO next!

Price: $ 197 USD

How this one skill can improve your entire life

Ultimately, being able to approach women is just one, rather inconspicuous skill. However, it is a skill that you can use to enrich your life more than with almost any other.

Whenever you see a woman that you like, you will no longer hesitate to approach her, talk to her and try your chances with her. How many more chances will it give you to have a fulfilled life with women? 10 times more, 20 times more or even 1000 times more? That depends on how often you meet people. And with the techniques that you learn you will have the highest success rate and not only be able to approach any woman you like, but also date them and lead a fulfilling love life.

And even if you’re someone who doesn’t want many women, but rather “the one” (which I also prefer by the way – my mantra is quality over quantity) you need this one skill to approach her, flirt with her and make her want you.

The moment you start watching my course and working with the scripts, you will realize how easy it can be to approach women and flirt with them. You will be so inspired that you will want to go out immediately and start speaking with women. You will use the techniques and experience live how incredibly easy it is to get to know women and arouse their interest in you. And as time goes by you will be able to shape your own style from these techniques and still continue to improve.

Although you will see immediate results as soon as you start applying the tips from my course, your success will keep improving, because the more often you use the techniques I am about to show you, the more you turn them into a skill. A skill is when you apply the techniques without thinking about them and when you have refined them to reflect your own personality.

Approaching women and being able to flirt with them is just a simple skill, but if you master it, your success with women will increase exponentially. Whether it’s the woman on the street that you like, a woman in a bar talking to her friend, a fellow student in the classroom, or the woman that you’ve liked for a long time, with this skill you’ll be able to approach them all, have a great flirt with them and get them.

Are you ready for this massive change in your life?

Then decide NOW to try my course “Approaching Women & Flirting”, watch it immediately and earn the fruits of this skill within a few days already – and all of that at my risk! You can literally learn and apply everything in just one day.

Get your access to my success course now and allow yourself this positive change in your love life.

Approaching Women & Flirting

by Mark Lambert, published 2019, only available as online video course

Learn the secrets and tricks to successfully approach women everywhere and get to know the exact methods the “naturally effective” guys use, so you always know exactly what you can SAY and DO next!

Price: $ 197 USD

To your success with women!

Your friend,

Signature Mark Lambert




Frequently asked questions:

Question: In which format will the video course and worksheets be delivered, and do I need any particular program or device?

You will watch the videos within our member’s area, for which you will get your personal access. You do not need a program in order to view them. Any browser that’s pre-installed on your computer, tablet or smartphone can do that.

The worksheets come as a PDF. All you need to read them is a PDF reader. On many computers it is already pre-installed. If not, you can download the Adobe PDF Reader free of charge from the following link and install it within a couple of minutes.

Download Adobe PDF Reader for free >

Question: Is there a discount for students, apprentices and trainees?

Yes, students, apprentices and trainees can purchase this course at a preferential price. Please sign for my “Student Program” here. (LINK)

Question: Do I learn exactly what I can say and what I can do in order to approach a woman?

Yes, you get scripts for both nightlife and everyday life, for the 18 most common situations. These are not meant for memorizing, but rather as an inspiration and to teach you exactly what you can say and do.

I’ll also show you the 22 techniques that the successful guys use in order to flirt with women and to develop a deep emotional bond with them. These are a guarantee to arouse a woman’s interest and the best tools to turn any conversation into a flirt.

Question: My problem is not the first approach, but that I don’t know what to talk to her about afterwards?

That’s exactly what I’ll show you in the scripts! There I also mark the tools that I use and explain why I use that particular tool at the exact moment and what it effect it has. That shows you not only what you can say and do, but also tells you why it’s a good thing!

Question: I always don’t know what to talk about with a woman. Is that explained in the course?

Yes. I talk about that both in the video and the scripts. In the scripts you get to see exactly what to talk about, and also what the 22 techniques look like when they are applied in various different situations.

Question: I am very shy and do not dare to approach women due to my shyness. If I work with your course, will I then be able to approach women?

Yes and no! That depends on what triggers your shyness. If you are shy because you don’t know what you can say and do, and you always lack the right words which makes you feel shy, then yes. You will approach women confidently after this course, because you know exactly what you can say and do in every situation, and you also know how to continue the conversation after the first approach.

However, if you are shy because you have a lot of self-doubt, have had negative experiences in the past and simply feel weak and inferior to women, then the right techniques won’t help you, because they have nothing to do with your fear.

In this case, the first thing you have to do is to get your inner self up to speed. This means to reprogram the way you think and feel, so that you feel good and self-confident in dealing with women. This is what I have designed another intensive course for. It is called ‘Authentic Male Self-Confidence’.

You can learn more about it here >

Question: I already approach many women. I am not afraid of it, but women are simply not interested in me. Does this change with your course?

Absolutely. Most likely you commit the same mistakes most guys do that make a woman consider you directly as boring or a lame player. I’ll show you exactly what the successful guys do, which triggers a woman’s interest and qualifies you right away.

Question: In many cases women don’t even perceive me, which is why I don’t approach them. Do I learn how to approach women for whom I am “invisible”?

Yes, in the scripts I also show you many ways to approach a woman who hasn’t sent any signals yet.

Question: How long will it take for me to learn approaching women and flirting with them?

Immediately! That’s the great thing about this course. The results are obviously different for everyone, because everyone has their own problems elsewhere. However, you will learn so many new techniques and possibilities how to approach women that you can immediately apply and see instant results.

And by immediate, I mean: Watching them and going out the same day getting to know women! And the more time passes, the better you get at it, because what happens then is that you turn this “raw technique” into a “skill”. This happens by using it again and again and refining it to your personality. That is, the more often you use this technique, the more you adapt it to express your own personality. And then you won’t even think about using it anymore. You do it automatically because it has become a skill.

Question: Women always put me in the friend zone, but have no interest in me. Do I learn how to not end up in the friend zone anymore?

Damn right you will! With the 22 techniques that the successful guys use, you set yourself apart from the “good friends” and right onto her radar of potential lovers and partners.

These tools are really great for showing a woman right away where this is going with the two of you without overrunning her or coming across like a player.

Question: Are those word-for-word scripts that you show pickup lines and will they make me come across like a player?

No, not at all. They’re not pick-up lines, nor do they make you look like a player, because to be honest, pick-up lines only work with immature women. Every emotionally stable and reasonably intelligent woman rejects a guy who tries to lure her with pickup lines or comes across like a lame player. The core of my project “Seduce with Personality” is to be authentic and natural. With these techniques it is no different. Women will simply feel comfortable around you and the need to get to know you better.

Picture it this way: What you learn in this course are the techniques of the natural guys, served on a silver platter – very easy to imitate.

Question: How exactly is the course structured?

The course consists of a 4-hour video part, where I teach you all the techniques and everything else you need to know to successfully approach women and flirt with them.

And it consists of the 18 scripts, where I show you exactly what you can say and do from the first approach all the way to the end of the conversation, and how the techniques are reflected in these scripts.

Question: Do I also learn how to seduce a woman and how to communicate with her at a distance, i.e. write text messages, chat, etc.? And how to get her on a date?

No. This course only deals with approaching and flirting. Of course, you will also use these techniques when you approach a woman again or flirt with her on the second or third date. However, in this course you will not learn how to proceed with her after the first interaction.

If you want to learn that, then take a look at my course ‘Communication with Women’.

Question: What if I still can’t walk up to women and involve them in a conversation after working with your course?

I am 99.9% sure that you can do it afterwards or something really bad is wrong with you. And by that, I mean that maybe you come from another planet or don’t speak English. I have never seen anyone who doesn’t always know exactly what to say and do with these techniques and scripts to approach and flirt with a woman. But well, if the 0.1% probable case should occur that you still can’t walk up to women, approach them and flirt with them afterwards, just send me an email, show me that you did the exercises and I’ll refund the full purchase price immediately.

Therefore, you have nothing to lose. Either you’ll get good at approaching women – and I mean really good – or you’ll get your money back and haven’t spent a dime on it.

Therefore, go and get my course “Approaching Women & Flirting” now, watch it immediately on your PC, tablet or smartphone and use the same methods the successful guys have always used to approach and attract women.

Approaching Women & Flirting

by Mark Lambert, published 2019, only available as online video course

Learn the secrets and tricks to successfully approach women everywhere and get to know the exact methods the “naturally effective” guys use, so you always know exactly what you can SAY and DO next!

Price: $ 197 USD