Overcome Your Fears, Doubts and All Other Parasites That Keep You From Experiencing The Success With Women That You Desire…

And Build An Authentic Male Confidence That Makes You Sovereign And Naturally Attractive To Women, No Matter How Much Burden You Carry With You Or How Shy You Are

What would it be like if you dared to do everything you ever thought of?

Impossible? Not after having read the following article.

And to get there, see if you can identify with any of the below situations…

  • Do you once in a while see a woman that you want to walk up to and start a conversation with, yet your mind creates scenarios that intimidate you, and eventually you let the chance pass by?
  • Do you somehow feel inferior to women and as if you were powerless around them?
  • Do you tend to wuss out when you are supposed to make a move and bring things to the next level with a girl? To talk to her, to kiss her or to seduce her?
  • Do you somehow get all shy and lose your coolness, when you see a woman you are into?

If you are just a little bit like I used to be for many years, then you will know at least one of these situations very well.

What’s really bad about all this is that you know that not the woman nor the situation is the problem, but solely you. You feel from the inside that you are the determinant in the equation responsible for whether or not you will get the kind of outcome you desire.

And in the beginning you still look for excuses, such as…

  • „She wasn’t the right one anyway…“
  • „If she was really interested in me, she would have approached me and made an effort to get to know me…“
  • „There’s so many girls out there. I am sure next time I will behave differently and get off my back to make a move…“

But with time you realize that women don’t make a move on you and that eventually you will have to leave your comfort zone, and act.

… And that’s when most guys start looking for techniques and pick-up lines.

They feel that they don’t dare to make a move and want to heal their „inner game“ by working on their „outer game“. They want to learn pick-up lines and techniques, so they don’t have to tackle their fears, insecurities and other parasites, which keep them from acting the way they want around women. Instead they think a trick or technique will do the job for them.

And they justify this “solution” with excuses such as…

  • „I didn’t make a move because I didn’t know what to say or do.“
  • „She was being surrounded by guys all night, I had no idea how to make a move.“
  • „She was not playing in my league. I would have needed a sophisticate technique to make her want me.“

Do any of these sound familiar?

But even after having learnt lots of pick-up lines and ways to approach women and flirt with them, things somehow don’t change.

No matter what technique or pick-up line you learn, you still hesitate, women still don’t feel attraction for you and you still wake up every morning alone hoping for things to change in the future.

After a while you realize, that it isn’t the missing technique nor the missing words that make the difference.

You realize more and more that it’s your “inner parasites” that are actually preventing you from getting off your back and acting the confident and sovereign way with women, that you always desired.

And that’s when we arrive in the present moment…

Finally facing the truth…

Finally admitting that you have been sparing yourself for too long…

… and finally ready to do the only thing that’s going to get you where you want to be… by tackling the whole situation at its core, your inside.

But before we get there, I need to be brutally honest with you…

Why You Will Feel More Miserable And Less Successful, And Get Further Away From Your Desired Outcome If You Stay On The Path You Are On Right Now

There is something that probably no one has told you yet, and it will be deciding whether in the near future you will be surrounded by the kinds of girls you always desired, empowered to act… or if you will be a total wreck, feeling like you are never able to meet the right girl out there.

I know there’s many scammers out there, trying to sell you a magic pill, but that’s not how things work. There is no pill to swallow to somehow magically feel strong and have an aura that’s attracting women big time. It’s a developmental process to tackle your fears, your belief system and to turn into an authentic confident man.

You cannot change your past. You cannot change what has happened to you. And you cannot undo the path you had chosen up until now. It has been mainly not your fault, because of all the scams out there, but now it’s your time to do something against it.


Stick with me for a couple of more minutes, and you and I will get your life on the right track, as I am going to show you how to REALLY overcome all your inner parasites and turn into a man, who not only acts confidently around women and enjoys himself doing so, but also radiates his charisma and attracts women genuinely.

You are with me on this?

Ok, listen…

Everything that you have done so far, was actually backfiring. It was backfiring because you were working on sweetening up your SYMPTOMS, and at the same time WORSENING your true problem.

Let me give you an example…

When you are suffering from „approach anxiety“, so that you fear the moment to walk up to a girl and strike up a conversation with her, then your symptom is that you don’t dare to approach her. Sweetening up your symptom would be doing things like:

  • Using pick-up lines to approach women
  • Lying to yourself for why you shouldn’t approach her

Both ways allow you to live through the very moment, however, both ways also lead to increasing your approach anxiety, because you tell your subconscious mind that this anxiety has the control over you and as a result you try to avoid it all cost.

And the more often you do that, the more control the anxiety gains over you, and at one point in time, it will have reached a level, where the mere thought of walking up to a girl and having to talk to her will get you all shaky and make you feel liking going to war.

Now picture what your future will look like, if you keep going that direction…

  • You will feel miserable, desperate and lonely.
  • You will feel like you are the victim of the society.
  • You will feel powerless and weak around women.
  • You will have no charisma, don’t attract women and don’t dare to make a move yourself.
  • In the end you will end up with no woman, no passionate sex or dates.

And all this creates a spiral that gets you further away from your original goal, living the kind of love life you desire.

And that’s what the sad truth look likes, what all scammers know, but don’t tell you.

Yet all of this can change, as soon as you stop working on your “symptoms” and instead focus on your true problem… your inside.

So stop poisoning yourself with the invisible version of „cortisone“ to sweeten up your symptoms, which in turn creates a spiral that only makes you miserable in the long-run, but use your time and energy to eliminate the cause of it all and turn into the kind of man, you always wanted to be, who naturally attracts women.

And that’s where my one-of-a-kind mastery program „Authentic Male Confidence“ comes into play.

How You Build An Inner Confidence That Empowers You To Act With Women and Creates This Charisma That Naturally Attracts Them

As I said, I am honest with you… and I need to ask you for one thing or else I cannot help you and nothing you will ever try will make any difference.

Here’s what I need you to do…

Be okay to give up your well-being in the short-run (in other words, leave your comfort zone), in order to gain happiness and success with women in the long-run.

Can you do that? Do you have the nuts to FINALLY leave your comfort zone behind, so you can enjoy all the fruits out there the world offers you?

Then here’s what we are going to do…

We will be tackling the true problem, the parasite that’s controlling you in the precise moment. May it be the anxiety, the thoughts, self-doubts or other parasites. They are true poison for you!

And that’s what the antidote looks like…

The Three Components To Transforming Yourself To The Most Powerful Version of Yourself And Eliminating All Your Inner Parasites On The Way

If you ask a woman what it is about a man that makes her go crazy about him, than she will mention two characteristics: authentic and confident.

Confidence is the most important factor of triggering attraction in a woman. Think of it as the male equivalent to a woman’s boobs. Yet not all men, who claim to be confident are actually perceived this way by woman.

I bet you have met countless men over the past years who behaved as if they owned the world, and acted overly confident and manly, yet you didn’t perceive them as truly confident.

There’s plenty of guys out there showing off confident behaviors in order to cover up their felt shortcomings. They turn to an extreme version, assuming the kind of characteristic that’s the most far away from who they really are.

And that’s how a guy, who is insecure on the inside, acts overly confident around women.

He uses a facade.

A facade is not only highly unattractive and most women pick it up in seconds, that this guy is full of shit. But it’s also poison for your true confidence.

People with a facade are fake. It’s uncomfortable to hang around with them, because they constantly feel being watched and live out their desire to be perceived as strong and powerful.

Looking at it on a deeper level, this kind of behavior signals that they are not okay with themselves, and as such don’t consider them a good catch either. Women realize that within seconds and have no interest in them.

Now that you know that working on your symptoms by pursuing techniques or pick-up lines and trying to develop a fake confidence actually backfire with women and get you even farer from your goal, here are the three components that make you transform into the most powerful of yourself.

  1. Authenticity
    Authenticity is what makes you come across naturally and the opposite of a facade. It allows you to behave exactly the way you want and allows others to see who you truly are. In a world full of con artists, full of people that live to shine around others, and of people too shy to stand by themselves, it’s one of the biggest signs of strength, to be authentic, and truly you.
  2. Manhood and Masculinity
    Being a man is part of who you are and the role a woman wants and needs to see in you. Knowing what your role as a man is and embracing it, will eliminate all the confusedness you might feel today and allow you to pursue your desires and drives. Women will love you for it.
  3. Confidence
    Confidence is this feeling of inner strength, empowering you to tackle everything in life. Confidence is the kind of trait that shows a woman your leadership qualities and that you are the man she needs for her in-built desire of security. You can only be confident though if you know who you are. That is also the reason why we trust people we know and are suspicious and hesitant towards people we don’t know. Therefor learn to become self-aware to fully understand who you are, and you will build an ultimate authentic confidence that’s naturally attracting the kinds of women you desire.

And I will provide you with all tools and the exact steps you need to take to acquire an authentic male confidence.

Check out two short clips from my course:

#1: How to Cope with the Fear of Loss

#2: An inner Coolness in Dealing with Women

How Much Value Does A Skill Have For You That Allows You To:

  • … never wuss out again, whenever chances knock on your door
  • … magically attract women through your aura
  • … pursue all your goals with women and in life
  • … and to do all that with a feeling of ease and power?

To be honest, I wouldn’t feel bad offering this program at a couple of thousands dollars. There is simply nothing more important out there than a skill that allows you to pursue and achieve everything you ever dreamed of both in love as well as in life.

Just picture how your life will be different once you have an inner feeling of strength and power…

Every woman you like you approach and take your chances.
Every time you are talking to a women, you easily proceed to flirting with her.
Every time you are asked to bring things to the next level, whether it’s asking for her number, advancing to the kiss or getting sexual, you will do it sovereignly and with an inner ease.

You act from a position of strength, and this is what women will pick up and what genuinely attracts them to you.

I have coached plenty of men over the past few years, and a one-day coaching of 8 hours with me costs $ 1700 USD. Yet in one day I wouldn’t even get close to teaching you everything that you are going to learn in my new mastery program “Authentic Male Confidence”.

If we are honest, then we spend lots of our money on things to be better received by women. Whether it’s the monthly fee for the gym, new clothes or the drinks we need at night to be courageous enough to talk to women… or the drinks we pay for them, hoping to get something in return.

Stop doing that once and for all, and rather invest a fraction of it in yourself and learn how to develop a trait and skill, which not only makes you far more successful with women, but also gives you an inner feeling of power, happiness and satisfaction.

If you asked me, there is not much out there that is more important in life. Being confident is priceless.

I wouldn’t exchange my confidence for any money in the world, because it is precisely what allows me to pursue anything I want in love and life. And spending quality time with the woman I desire and feeling good about it gives me a lot more value than any material asset out there.

You probably think that a program, that can do all that for you must cost you thousands of dollars, and to be honest, it should.

Yet, I am going to offer this program at a price that anybody out there, who really wants to have more success in love and life, can afford.

You can now get my mastery program “Authentic Male Confidence” at only one payment of $ 267 USD, and start in less than 5 minutes from here to work through it from the comfort of your computer, tablet or smartphone.

And Now Has Come The Time For You To Decide
What Kind Of Life You Are Going To Live

There’s two ways to go from here, and it’s solely YOUR RESPONSIBILITY right now to decide which kind of way you go.

1. Will you stay in your comfort zone, not working on yourself, not tackling the true problem, but still hoping that things might somehow magically change in the future? Or by wasting your time and energy on “symptom control” through pick-up lines, techniques or a fake confidence, and as a result never experience the kind of love life you desire and deserve? Never knowing what it’s like to enjoy hanging around with women, approaching them, flirting and spending passionate nights and wonderful and fulfilling relationships with them?


2. Will you finally leave your comfort zone, tackle your inner parasites and eventually get the control over your anxieties and your love life? So that you soon enjoy the fruits the world offers you every day by feeling empowered around women, attracted them genuinely by who you are and doing exactly what you want to do? Experiencing magic moments, sexual adventures and fulfilling relationships with women?

Which way will you go?

Decide for way #2 and learn everything you need to get non-stop there with my life-changing one-of-a-kind mastery program „Authentic Male Confidence“.

Here’s what you’ll get

Product Picture AMC

Authentic Male Confidence is a digital product and not physical as illustrated. You will get access to the members area, where you can download the work sheets and watch the videos.

  • Life-time access to my video program „Authentic Male Confidence“ with over 7+ hours videos split over 12 life-changing modules.
  • 12 accompanying worksheets in PDF with step by step instructions on how to gain an authentic male confidence.
  • Personal contact to me via the membership area, exclusively available to viewers of „Authentic Male Confidence“, should you have any questions.

On top of that you’ll get my 60 days success-guarantee!

More Confidence Within 60 Days or Money Back

If you don’t feel much more confident within 60 days, don’t pay a dime. I will gladly refund you every penny.

Money Back Guarantee

Show me that you have done the exercises from the program and if you don’t feel much more confident around women, I will instantly give you a full refund.

You may think I am crazy giving such guarantee, but here’s what I think…

I hate spending money on things that either don’t keep what they promise or which simply didn’t work for me. And if I apply that standard on me, I will apply it as well on you.

So in case you are one of the very rare cases, that don’t see instant results, I gladly refund you every penny. No hassle.

Try my program at my risk now and experience what it’s like to feel and act confident around women.

Authentic Male Confidence

by Mark Lambert, published in 2016, only available as video program

Product Picture AMC

Develop your inside and learn how to get rid of “inner obstacles” such as anxieties, social phobias, doubts and insecurities, which keep you from experiencing the success with women that you desire and learn how to build an authentic, male confidence that empowers you to act and magically attracts women.

Price: $ 267 USD

My Money-Back-Guarantee

Here’s What Happens
After You Click The Buy Button

You will be forwarded to our checkout page at DigiStore24.com, where you simply choose your preferred way of payment, enter your payment details and then complete your order by clicking the yellow buy button. And less than a minute later you receive an automate email from me with your personal login details to my life-changing program „Authentic Male Confidence“.

You can instantly start watching it from the comfort of your home on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Now it’s your choice…

… if you will be the one who acts confident and sovereign around women, and whom all other guys envy for his courage and ease around women or if you will be the guy, who envies the other guys, who act confident around women and enjoy the fruits the world offers to all of us.

I know both sides – the one being shy and not successful with women, and the one being confident and successful with women – and for no money on earth, I would go back. There’s simply nothing as valuable out there as having a fulfilled love life.

Program Yourself For Massive Success In Life and Love –  No Matter Your Current Situation Or How Bad You Feel Right Now

In this groundbreaking video program I will take you on a journey to not only understand how your mind operates and drives you, but to also leave all your inner obstacles behind that keep you from living the desire you desire, and to program yourself for massive success in life and love.

Confidence is a choice.

In every situation you are, you are being asked to act confident or not, and I will show you exactly how you always choose the confident way.

Working through this program means installing a virus scanner on your mind, and to eliminate everything that’s not doing you any good.

Allow yourself to get rid of all your anxieties, insecurities, feelings of powerlessness and inferiority, depressions, frustrations and dependencies by working through „Authentic Male Confidence“.

Here’s Just A Few Of The Life-Changing Secrets, Tips And Skills That You Are Going To Learn Inside “Authentic Male Confidence”:

  • Never again feel hesitated when speaking to women. You will learn to enjoy it and even actively seek meeting new women.
  • How to acquire a feeling of inner strength and carry it with you everywhere you go.
  • How to make deliberate decisions, and get rid of your hesitance in the decisive moment. I will give you two incredible methods which allow you to make a decision in every situation, and lead you to act.
  • The secret of authentic men, who are constantly getting all the attractive women, and what it is that they build their feeling of strength on.
  • How to get rid of your burden, such as a break-up or negative experiences, which prevent you from opening up for new challenges.
  • How to create an aura that’s magical for women and makes you stand out of the crowd of average guys.
  • How to act insanely cool and relaxed around women that you like.
  • How to overcome your approach anxiety for good, and a simple trick for the way, which allows you to blank it out in the very moment and make a move instead.
  • How to program yourself to approaching women on autopilot, without thinking about what to say or do. (It wouldn’t surprise me if you want to nominate me for the noble prize after having heard that unique tip. Yes, it’s that good!)
  • 4 things you can do to stop feeling nervous and insecure in any given situation with women.
  • How you get the power between you and a woman on your side, so she looks up to you and perceives you as a man of high status to whom she feels naturally attracted to.
  • How to appear on a woman’s list of prospective lovers and partners, and stop kissing up her ass and lip reading every of her wishes.
  • How to build an unshakable identity and aura that makes women feel a cold shiver running down their spine when they see you.
  • The one word that allows you to trigger a woman’s interest instantly, that only authentic confident men can use. (If any other man uses it, it will have no effect.)
  • The 3 stages of your development that you need to go through in order to develop to an authentic confident man, and why most men out there, who claim to be confident, are stuck at stage 2 (and many times don’t even know stage 3). Note: only when you are on stage 3 women will feel this natural attraction towards you.
  • The specific kind of confidencethat makes woman feel attracted to you and how to avoid pursuing a „false confidence“, which makes you unattractive to women.
  • The enemies in your personal development that you will inevitably encounter and how to deal with them, so you don’t turn into a fake person, who is being perceived as a show-off and rejected by women.
  • How to get rid of your social phobias that currently make it so hard for you to present your true personality in social situations.
  • My best 4 tips that will help you to find out what to do in life, so you feel happy, successful and content, with what you are doing.
  • How to acquire a charismatic appearance within few minutes that allows women to pick up your strength instantly and to stand out of the crowd of average guys.
  • How tostop being dependent on women and instead gain a freedom around women, that allows you to act exactly the way you want around them.
  • My secret that allows me to always make the next step with women, may it be the first approach, getting her number or advancing to the physical level. That is the secret all authentic confident men share.
  • How to pimp your life in the key areas responsible for your feeling of strength. This is doping for your confidence.
  • How to make women want you without using any kind of technique or disguising yourself

Decide for „Authentic Male Confidence“ now at my risk and allow yourself the biggest change in your life, which will make you feel and act confident around women, and genuinely attract the kinds of women you desire and deserve.

Click the yellow buy button below and let’s start with your development NOW.

Authentic Male Confidence

by Mark Lambert, published in 2016, only available as video program

Product Picture AMC

Develop your inside and learn how to get rid of “inner obstacles” such as anxieties, social phobias, doubts and insecurities, which keep you from experiencing the success with women that you desire and learn how to build an authentic, male confidence that empowers you to act and magically attracts women.

Price: $ 267 USD

My Money-Back-Guarantee

Decide For “Authentic Male Confidence” And Acquire The Same Confidence Of Superstars – In A Fraction Of Time

Developing confidence and transforming yourself into the most powerful version yourself is a process. Most men, who are confident today, have been through years of trial-and-error and learnt it the hard way.

And I want to you spare the hard and long way to get there.

With “Authentic Male Confidence” I will show you the exact steps to take that let you gain the same kind of confidence like all the other authentic confident men out there, in a fraction of time and effort.

Experience how you feel stronger and more powerful from the inside out with every day you work on “Authentic Male Confidence”, and feel how different women start responding to you.

And This Is What’s Going To Happen The Second You Start Applying The Tips From “Authentic Male Confidence”

1. You will feel an instant motivation to work on yourself and to actively seek challenges. This feeling of power will instantly start arising within you, and increase with every step you take.
2. You will tackle your inner parasites and deprive them of their power they have over you.
3. You will leave your comfort zone behind and start approaching more women and be less and less hesitant about it.
4. Your charisma increases. Women will start looking after you and respond better to you.
5. Women no longer perceive you as an average guy or just a „good friend“. The friend zone doesn’t exist for you any longer.
6. You will start enjoying to approach women and to turn every small talk into a flirt. You will enjoy to create tension when engaging with women. You get more and more relaxed at doing it.
7. You will start getting numbers, flirt using body language and eye contact, and getting dates with women, that you thought before you never had any chances with.
8. You will start building a list of women that you can call whenever you want to hang out with, have some fun time and know what it’s like to date several women at a time.
9. You develop to operate on autopilot. Whenever you see a woman any where any time, you engage her into a conversation, automatically start flirting and getting her number, without thinking about how to do it beforehand.
10. Women want to have a relationship with you, and try to commit you. And at one point you will feel the same about one of the women you date, so that you will find yourself in a relationship with the kind of woman you desired for all your life.
11. You will keep developing and push your limits further and further away, and transfer your confidence to all other areas of your life, which will lead to make you more successful and happy at your job and overall life.

I cannot tell you how long it takes for you to proceed from one stage to the next. Maybe after some days, maybe at the end of working through the program or maybe a couple of months after. But what I can tell you is that it’s going to happen, and that it’s going to fulfill you big time.

As soon as you start working with „Authentic Male Confidence“ we are planting a seed within you, that will grow into a big tree, providing you with all the fruits of life that you always desired.

The time has come now to get you actually there.

Act now and make all this come true for you. Click the yellow buy button now and we will see each other inside of my mastery program in just a moment.

Authentic Male Confidence

by Mark Lambert, published in 2016, only available as video program

Product Picture AMC

Develop your inside and learn how to get rid of “inner obstacles” such as anxieties, social phobias, doubts and insecurities, which keep you from experiencing the success with women that you desire and learn how to build an authentic, male confidence that empowers you to act and magically attracts women.

Price: $ 267 USD

My Money-Back-Guarantee

Your friend,
Signature Mark Lambert