How to communicate with women in a natural way to trigger effective biologic reactions and make them ADDICTED to you – at the approach, flirt, seduction and when winning her heart!

“Will you take the blue or the red pill?” (The Matrix)

My friend,

I want to ask you 4 questions. Reply honestly.

  • Do you think there’s a system out there that allows men and women to find each other and that some men master this system by nature, which allows them to line up women around them?
  • Have you ever been in a conversation with a woman that you liked, but no matter what you did, the way she responded to you made no sense at all to you?
  • Do you sometimes think that women are incomprehensible creatures or that something must be wrong about you, because no matter what you do, women seem to not reciprocate your interest?
  • Do you sometimes get the feeling that if you knew what the successful guys out there say and do that gets them the girls, your life with women would be turned around for good?

I assume you have replied some of these questions with a “Yes”. But why is that?

On an unconscious level, I think all of us men know that there is a certain system that men and women alike use to find and mate with each other… and that any man who knows this system knows how to get girls.

And guess what… that’s exactly the way it is.

But why do all of us know that?

The answer to this question is intense and very deep, so don’t get frightened when I reveal it to you now.

Did you ever wonder, why we humans exist for millions of years?

Isn’t it weird that men and women find each other and reproduce themselves… and that for all these years, over and over again?

And if you just take one man and look at his life, then how can it be that he feels attracted to certain women and that he manages to trigger the same feeling in specific women, which allows him to have affairs and relationships with approximately 20 women in his life?

Did you ever think that there is something hard-wired in us by nature?

For our species to survive, we have to reproduce ourselves and there is something hard-wired in men and women that makes them find and mate with each other, for millions of years.

Did you ever think about that?

To ensure the survival of human kind it would be enough if a man and woman procreate and bear a child. A woman doesn’t need to feel attracted to a man to do so. She could use any man. But that’s not how it is. She chooses one guy in particular and rejects hundreds or thousands others along the way. And while she does that she applies a very specific filter.

Nowadays it would be easily possible for the government to make a law that forces a man and a woman to make a kid for human kind to survive.

Yet that’s not how it is.

The nature of us humans is the same for millions of years. There must be some sort of programming in all of us that makes men and women be attracted to each other.

And some men were born and knew exactly how this nature works and how to communicate that to women, which makes them feel attracted to these men. Many times these men aren’t extraordinary good looking or rich, they just understood how this system of nature works and how to apply it to make a woman feel the desire to be with them, starting from the first approach along the whole way until the relationship.

How I discovered how the system of nature works and why most men will never know it…

I have an important question for you…

When you are interested in a woman, do you instantly the feeling that you have to show her what a great catch you are?

Does the fact of being attracted to a woman trigger something in you that leads you to think that you need to show her that you can take good care of her, that you are a cool guy and that you are the right one for her?

In other words… Do you have the feeling that you need to woo a girl in order to make her reciprocate your interest?

I have to be honest… Up until a couple of years that’s exactly the way I thought how to get a girl to fall for me.

I thought if you want to get a girl then you need to qualify and show her why she should pick you. And that idea had lead me to make a woman compliments, favors and always act very kind around her.

Does that sound familiar to you?

Now hold on tight… this behavior is BACKFIRING and the reason why women didn’t even see me as a potential lover up until I was 20.

Either I was just a “good friend” to a woman or I got rejected badly when I tried speaking with women in bars and clubs. Women even told me I was annoying.

“Annoying” while I thought I’d do everything the right way.

You have to know that by an objective measure people would even call me attractive.

I am 6′ 2″ tall, do a lot of sports and hold a master’s degree from university. I always had many friends and still women called me “annoying” and never wanted to be more than just friends.

Something was wrong about the system that society, my parents and the media were trying to communicate. That was not the way to get girls.

So guess what I did…

I did my own research.

I went online, read articles, books, but the information was always the same.

There were tips like:

“Show a woman that she is the only one for you.”
“Bring flowers to the first date and speak openly about what you want from her.”
“Show yourself from your best side, be very kind to her and smile a lot.”

In other words, everything I have been told was exactly what I had been doing all my life: to a woo a girl and to qualify in order to be rewarded with attention, love and sex.

I am still not 100% sure why these books exist. If they have the intention to create an ideal or if it’s how things had been working many generations in the past. The bad thing about this though is that you will be more rejected if you listen to the advice you have been given for all your life.

And most men will always be blind because they don’t see the true nature of how men and women find and pick the other.

But then a massive change appeared in my life…

I went abroad and made new friends. Men, who knew the truth. Men, who were flirting with women no matter the location or time. Whenever they went out at night, they lined up women around them and most of the time, they left the club with a girl.

These guys were constantly dating the hottest girls.

And it’s been these guys that have showed me the true system of nature.

And it still hurts today that all my youth I scared away girls just because I didn’t know these men then already and the truth they were about to show me.

How I discovered the natural communication to line up women around me

I still remember the first night I was out clubbing with one of my new friends, who knew this natural and effective system to deal with girls.

And when I saw what he said and did to women, in the beginning it didn’t make any sense to me why women responded to him the way they did.

They were laughing.
They were touching him.
And they were trying to keep him around.

All the guys I used to know before him were always fighting to get a girl’s attention and to keep her around, but not him. He was totally different to anything else I had ever seen.

He didn’t seem to have specific lines or actions. It all seemed so natural, yet the reactions of women were always the same.

I have to admit that today, being a dating coach who has helped tens of thousands of men worldwide to achieve massive success with women, I feel a bit embarrassed that it took me so long to discover what was going here, and why everything that we have been taught by society, our parents and even women, is not working, but even backfiring.

Here’s the situation I had been racking my brains about and that changed it all for me…

We had been standing at a bar, ready to order a drink, when the woman next to us spilled hers.

Guess what the first idea was that I had?

That’s a great opportunity to speak with her and show her what a good guy I am. For a couple of seconds I was trying to find the right words. I remember that I wanted to say something like “Can I buy you a new one now that your drink has left you in the cold?”

I found this funny and the same time very charming… I just didn’t get to the point to tell her that, because by the time I finalized my words my friend had already been speaking to her… and my face turned red when I heard what he told her…

“Come on, what I have done to you? Why are you trying to spill your drink on me?”

I still remember the woman’s reaction as if it was yesterday. Her facial expression, her pitch and the big eyes she made because she didn’t know how to react to my friend. And then he landed another line that felt so wrong for me by that time…

“And who do you think is going to clean that up now?”

I was expecting anything, that she would slap him, tell him what a douche he is or that she might even defend herself. I just didn’t expect what happened.

She laughed.

Why it works over and over again

What my friend did, and what all men do who constantly line up all the attractive women is based on the system of nature.

They don’t woo a girl.

They don’t try to qualify.

In many cases they even manage to get girls trying to qualify for them, and the strange thing about it is that this is what qualified them and made girls feel an irresistible attraction for them.

In the beginning I wasn’t quite sure why that’s the way to go, but no matter what my new friends did, it worked… over and over again.

Today I know their secret. I know exactly why it works and why all the things that you and I have been taught for all our lives don’t work.

What they say and do is natural.

It is no stupid concept or weird pick-up line.

And by not trying to qualify themselves they signal a woman lots of characteristics she uses to filter the right man from all the wrong ones.

I bet most of us have used this system of nature already the right way, including you. Mostly then, when you managed to make a girl fall for you and not when you try to make a girl fall for you now and fail.

You just didn’t know that you applied some intense principles that are part of this system which is hard-wired in every man and woman, and that you don’t use them when you actually need them.

But there’s so much more that I just discovered many years later…

The secret behind the secret

I field-tested what I learnt from my new friends, and I was stunned how different women started to perceive me comparing to my past.

Instead of being a “good friend” or called “annoying”, women responded to me in a wholly different way. They were getting physically closer to me. When I was talking to a girl after a while she put her hands on my leg or back.

When I said I had to leave now, they said I should stay a bit longer.

And when I eventually left, they gave me their numbers without me needing to ask for it.

Let me tell you something… it worked big time!

You may know about me that I read a lot of psychological research, and I couldn’t leave it this way without knowing why my new behavior had such a different impact on women, whereas nothing else changed about me.

I still looked the same. My style was the same.

The only difference was in the way I communicated with women.

I knew that there must be something in the new way I act with girls, which leads them to feel such an undeniable attraction for me.

And after having done intense research in the topic of behavioral and social science I finally discovered the secret.

From that moment on the whole thing started to make sense to me.

All the pieces of the puzzle that I have found within the past years suddenly became one clear picture.

What my new friends have shown me is far more than just a natural system.

On one hand it is indeed natural, but on the other all the things they said and did and which I learnt from them stimulate certain areas in a woman’s brain, which make them, me and every man, who knows that secret ten times more appealing to a woman.

The moment I finally discovered that was incredible.

I literally started reprogramming myself to applying this system without having to think about it on a conscious level. That means without having to say what to actually say or do to a woman, when I see her and what to get to know her better. I just walk up to her now and my intuitive behavior does the job for me: a woman doesn’t want to leave me, but tries to qualify for me.

No matter where I go today, whether it’s to withdraw money, run errands, have a drink in a bar or go shopping I use the principles of this system without and without having to think about what to say or do, I manage to get the girls interested in me.

Women laugh.

They hit me on my shoulder.

They ask me where I from and what I do for a living.

I don’t even need to put much effort into getting the conversation going, women try to keep me around.

I need to be straight with you though… the principles of this system are intense. And if you don’t have someone to teach you how to apply them, you sometimes may go overboard.

That’s just like an upgrade from a Toyota Aygo to a BMW.

If you aren’t used to the huge amount of HP, you will not be able to control it.

Over time I have learnt how to apply all the principles of this system with the right amount of “gas” so I am fully prepared for all situations in dealing with women and can give a woman exactly what she needs to see in me in that specific moment. As sometimes a woman needs to feel that appeal and other times she wants to connect one a deeper level.

And after I learnt all that I have created my own system out of it taking into account the principles of this system of nature: effective techniques to approach a woman, speak with her, flirt, seduce her and for all the communication that takes place while we are on distance.

And the moment I realized that 9 out of 10 men do the wrong thing intuitively because it’s been the way we have learnt it for all of our lives, I decided to collect all the things I learnt and publish it in an intense program that every man can use to communicate in that natural way that creates effective biological reactions in women.

My program “Communication with Women – How to communicate with women in a natural and effective way” was born.

In this 11-hour-intense-video-program I stood in front of the camera to give it ALL to you. It’s a revolution. Trust me, I have never seen anything alike.

In this program I am teaching you the exact principles of the system of nature which is hard-wired in every man and woman, and that women use to filter the right guy from all the wrong ones.

I am also going to show you the exact ways all of my new friends use in different situations to approach and flirt with women. I have had the privilege to learn from them and now I am going to give you all their best hidden ways to make women fall for you.

Within this program you will not only learn the right comprehension about what works with women and what doesn’t, you will also learn the right communication with women in every situation that you are going to encounter in dating.

I am going to show you exactly how to approach a woman, what to say to her and how to advance to the physical level in order to kiss or sleep with her. And all that without having to disguise yourself or to use some weird pick-up lines.

This system will let you use your own personality and allows you to be 100% authentic as it’s based on nature.

I will also show you how to advance if you want to turn a date into a serious girlfriend or how to build an affair with a woman, if that’s what you want.

Whatever you want to achieve in terms of women, this program is going to give you the most powerful tools and behaviors, that I and every successful man out there use, to trigger this intense feeling of attraction with a woman and to create a real, deep going, connection with her, which makes her know that you are the only right guy out there for her.

Take a look at a short excerpt from my program:

A simple way to kiss a woman in a club:

That was 40 seconds of over 11 hours of condensed knowledge, in which I will teach you everything you need to know in order to communicate with women in this natural and effective way.

You will get INSTANT results

The moment I have understood the system of nature it was as if a switch has been flipped, and from that moment on my love life took a huge boost… yet it took several years until I achieved the success with women that I experience nowadays, where everything runs smoothly and without any effort.

The reason why it took me a couple of more years to get where I am today is because I had to analyze my friends and look them over the shoulder how they did it. None of them could clearly explain to me why they do the things they do, because they have never been on the other end: They have never been unsuccessful with girls. They were born being geniuses with women and knew how to apply the principles of the system of nature without racking their brains about it.

That’s why it’s so difficult for most unsuccessful men to learn from the successful ones. Just watching what they do and imitating it, doesn’t do the job.

It took me about five years to turn what I knew into a skill that allows me to attract women any time and to then bring things forward, and along this way I had to bear with lots of frustrations and rejections.

You can avoid this hard way.

You can learn EVERYTHING right away and will get instant results.

Of course, you are also going to improve with every day that goes by, yet you start from a point where no man on earth started. You will know what works and what doesn’t, and you will get the exact ways to communicate with women along the whole of dating. Ways that take advantage of certain psychological principles in a female’s mind, which all successful men out there take advantage of, yet typically without being aware of it.

And when you do know about it, then you are the man whose success with women is no longer coincidence, but the result of concrete action.

The moment you learn my techniques, you can go out the same day and apply the best working ways to make women fall for you.

You are going to learn in minutes what took me years to discover and what 1 man in a thousand knows. And this intense video program consists of 11 hours of condensed wisdom. If that was a movie that would be about 7 DVDs, in which I literally bombard you with psychology and the best working ways to communicate with women in a wholly natural and effective way.

You will have to watch this video program several times to save all the information and to never ever have the feeling what to say or do next. After watching my video program, the opposite will be the case. You will know several ways to continue from any given situation… but I guess that’s a luxury problem most men can only dream about!

Do you know these guys that always approach women with these stupid and plastic lines?

With this program women will perceive you as naturally attractive, because this program won’t give you sophisticated strategies, which not only feel weird but also let you come across weird, but explains you the exact way our NATURE works and how to apply it. It’s the natural way, and its potential to take advantage of it is wired in ALL of us.

Only the fewest men have access to it though, because most are still following the wrong advice they have heard from parents, the society or the media.

Do you remember the situation from the movie “The Matrix”, when Morpheus asks Neo, which pill he wants to swallow? The one to stay in the matrix or the other to finally see what reality really looks like?

This video program is that pill.

Do you want to continue believing the lies you have been told or do you finally want to see what the reality with women really looks like and what you really need to do to get girls?

And if you wonder whether that what society, your parents and the media have told you about how to make a woman fall for you, then just look at current situation and tell me I am wrong.

With this program your live and your success with women will be wholly different.

The way I see it, you have two choices now.

Either you shut down this page today, think about what I have just told you for another 2 to 3 das and then return to your life and live it exactly the way it is for the past years…

… or you decide to listen to that inner voice in you that tries to tell you to go for the pill and to finally learn all the secrets to really make women fall for you.

If you have seen the Matrix, do you still remember what Morpheus did after Neo chose the pill to see the reality?

He plugged him into a training program and taught him EVERYTHING in a minimum of time: all the methods, ways and exact procedures others would need years to learn. And what was Neo’s destiny?

He became the best.

After you will have swallowed this pill, I will do exactly the same with you. I am going to show you not only what the reality with women looks like, but I will give you the best methods, ways and exact procedures to communicate with women in a natural and effective way in a minimum of time.

You will get knowledge for what others need a lifetime to learn, and most men will never know what you are about to learn in just a moment.

And just imagine what would have happened if Neo had decided differently the moment Morpheus asked him to make a choice…

His life would have taken a completely different direction.

Sometimes a choice doesn’t have a big impact on the course of our lives and other times we are being asked to make a choice that can change it all for good. A change that we cannot even anticipate today, and the choice I am asking you to make is one like that.

Not everybody has the courage for such change in its life.

Do you have the courage to choose the right pill, and let me show you what your life with women can be like once you apply the secret principles of my program “Communication With Women”?

You can watch my entire intense video program right now on your computer, mobile or tablet and get instant access to:

  • My 11 hours video program which teaches you within 10 modules what the system of nature really looks like plus all my best ways and techniques to communicate with women in a natural and effective way. You just need to click “Play”.
  • My 10 specifically designed workbooks with over 300 pages, which give you a lot of further tips and show you how to apply what you have learnt in the real life. You receive them as a PDF file and can either read them on your computer, mobile or tablet or print them.
  • Free bonus gift #1: My 1.5 hours bonus module which teaches you how to get rid of social phobias, anxieties and doubts, which limit you in your abilities and personal growth. What you’ll receive in this module is based on years of clinical research to get rid of these inner obstacles and build a confidence that allows you to act freely around women.
  • Free bonus gift #2: You’ll also get the free workbook for my bonus module which gives you exact exercises to apply in real life what you have learnt.
  • Personal contact to Mark Lambert: Whenever you have a question about any of the modules or if something doesn’t make total sense to you, you can leave me a comment within the members’ area and receive a personal reply from me.

On all of that, you will have life time access!

I am sure you are wondering how much a video program that can do all that for you, will cost you.

How much you need to invest in “Communication With Women”

Due to the high demand for a one-day coaching with me (8 hours) you would need to invest $ 2,000 USD, yet in just one day I would never manage to teach you all the secrets and skills that you are going to learn in “Communication With Women”. We would have to work for more than a full month to get the same kinds of results that you are going to get with my intense video program.

This would be a huge investment I am not asking you to make, although one worth making as having your life under your control is definitely one of the best feelings and most important things in your life, and nothing I could put a price tag on.

Every day I receive hundreds of emails from my readers, and about one third of those emails are success stories and thank you mails. Lots of these men want to invite me for dinner or ask me how they can repay me for their new successful lives.

For me personally it’s one of the greatest feelings to open my inbox and read how my advice has helped thousands of men live a better life.

I want every man to have the opportunity to achieve the kind of love life he desires, and to have access to the best information, techniques and procedures to get there. And that’s why I am going to offer my program at a price for you that’s far below its original value.

Your investment today will not be $ 2,000 USD like a one-day coaching with me.

Not even $ 1,000 USD like many workshops or seminars out there.

Not even $ 500 USD like many other video programs, which many times don’t even give you such valuable information as you are going to get in “Communication With Women”.

My team eventually decided to offer my program at $ 497 USD and I honestly think that’s a great deal considering the amount and quality of information that you are going to get, which almost no other man knows and which is going to have an impact on your love life that’s ten, hundred or even thousand times more worth to you.

But I will tell you right away: That’s not the price you are going to invest today.

I know that even though $ 497 USD would be a fair price, there’s still lots of men out there, who cannot afford it, and I want any man to have the opportunity to experience the love life he desires and deserve, and I don’t want finances to be in anyone’s way.

And that’s why I have decided against the proposal of my team and offer it to you today at a price of just $ 297 USD.

Putting this value in other terms, for a one hour coaching with me you just need to invest around $ 25 USD! Most private tutors charge more than that, yet the information I have you is so much more delicate and valuable, and let’s be honest: What is more important, a good grade in math or to get the kinds of girls you desire?

A suit, a leather jacket and lots of other material things cost you a lot more than what you are going to invest in “Communication With Women” today. Yet your investment today is not an expense where you buy something and then throw it out a couple of years later, because you don’t like it anymore. It’s an investment in your love life that no one can take away from you once you have it.

Once you know all these secrets, there is no way back from your successful love life. You now know how to really make women fall for you and this knowledge will never be out of fashion. It’s an investment for a lifetime full of love and happiness with the girls you desire.

Another great benefit of this intense video program is that you can watch it over and over again as your have life long access to it. That means not only are you not having any pressure to study everything in one day, you are the master of your time, but you are also insured to have this information at hand should you need them again in 2, 10 or 20 years from now.

So if you are going to find yourself in a situation you are racking your brains about, then you can always check the information from my program and know what you need to do. You don’t have that option if you invested in a workshop or coaching instead.

And because I know that money doesn’t fall from the sky and because $ 297 USD may still be a burden to someone, even if the information you get is worth 10 times that amount, I am offering you to pay for my program in 6 simple monthly installments of just $ 54 USD.

I cannot make it anymore simple than that.

Click the yellow buy button now and get your personal access to my life changing intense video program that teaches you all the secrets to naturally and effectively communicate with women, and live the kind of love life you desire.

You are then being forwarded to our checkout page, where you enter your information and choose a secure way of payment. We work with one of the biggest payment provider (Digistore24), who securely manages your transaction via Wire Transfer, Paypal or Credit Card.

Right after your payment you will instantly receive an automated email from my system with your personal login information to my members area, where my intense video program is waiting for you. You can instantly start watching it.

Communication With Women

by Mark Lambert, published in 2017, only available as online video program

Learn the most effective communication with women from the first eye contact to the relationship in order to attract and keep the kinds of women you desire and deserve.

Price: $297 USD

My Money-Back-Guarantee


These are just a few of the secrets you are going to learn in “Communication With Women”:

  • Your 5 worst enemies when approaching any woman, which you need to avoid at all cost or women will reject you.
  • The 3 principles that define humor. Women love humor, but not every kind of humor is perceived as attractive. Unfortunately many men use the wrong kind of humor, which turns them into a clown or just a good friend for women. Women respond to a very specific kind of humor and I will show you the 3 principles it is based on.
  • My 9 rules for every conversation with a woman to not overwhelm her, but engage her instead.
  • Your 2 goals which you need to achieve when you want to move on to the physical stage and kiss a woman or sleep with her.
  • How women are different nowadays compared to generations before us, and why the advice you have been given by your parents, society and the media doesn’t work with women of today.
  • The differences in dealing with shy, wild and aloof girls, and how to make all of these types of women fall for you.
  • The foundation of all techniques in order to be appealing for women. If you just regard this one thing, you will see a huge boost in the way women perceive you. It’s a very simple thing, which you need to regard in order to be perceived as attractive by women. Unfortunately most men just use it once in a while (probably because they aren’t aware of it) and are then left in the cold.
  • The 3 secrets that allow you to get a woman’s attention and make her pursue you.
  • The 6 building blocks of the natural and effective communication with women. I will reveal the 6 components to you that you need to acquire in order to make women laugh and get committed to you.
  • My 10 guidelines which turn you into “The One” for a woman, and which you need to regard in any relationship to not lose her, but keep the passion and chemistry alive.
  • The 4 requirements to make any woman fall for you. Note: If one of these 4 is missing, you will never get beyond being a “good friend” to a woman.
  • The entire psychology of the “system of nature”: how it works, what it triggers in us and how to apply the theory in real life to make women want you.
  • The 3 types of connection you need to build with a woman to make her want to be with you.
  • The most known clichés and ideals, which the media, your parents, society and even women sell us about how to get women, and what the reality looks like. (I honestly believe that it’s in a woman’s nature to give men wrong advice in order to recognize which men really know how to get girls and which men they should be after.)
  • How to advance to the physical stage without overwhelming a woman and how to turn a woman on, so that she thinks about nothing else than sex with you.
  • The 3 factors of success: Note: If just one of these 3 is missing then your relationship is going to end sooner or later.
  • The different ways of distance communication (phone, WhatsApp, chat, social media, etc.) and when to use which one in order to stay in touch with a woman after you have got her number. I will show you when and how often you should contact depending on the different situations, and what you should write in all these cases.
  • Exact signals that allow you to indicate a woman’s interest. I will show you how you can tell a woman’s interest by observing her glances, behavior, body language and the way she communicates with you. I will also show you an active way to tell at what stage she currently is and what she wants from you in that moment.
  • My best ways to end a conversation with a woman, get her number and make her want to see you again.
  • The 3 different levels of communication. It’s indispensable to know on which level to communicate with a woman in which situation. Most flirts fail because a man doesn’t get that a woman is speaking on a different level than him.
  • The biggest mistakes men commit while moving on to the physical stage and how to these mistakes.
  • How to deal with competition through another guy and make her pick you over him.
  • How to communicate with a woman before, during and after the date, and how your communication must change over time to bring things to a more serious level.
  • How to deal with critics from women. I will show you what happens on a deeper level when a woman criticizes you, and give you my 7 best ways to pass any critic easily.
  • The 15 best ways to make a woman laugh, so that she tries to keep you around.
  • The four different phases in dating and how to behave in each of them to bring things forward. (Most guys either stay on the exact same phase or give too much, both of which turns down a woman’s interest).
  • Simple ways to transition from any conversation to a flirt and create an appeal.
  • How to develop a confident posture and gesticulation that lets you feel strong and powerful on the inside and gets you any woman’s attention no matter where you are.
  • The 6 references a woman uses to find out if you are a high status man and if she should be after you. Note: Any woman uses these 6 references, mostly subconsciously, to define if you are a fit or not. If you know these 6, then you can influence a woman’s perception about you and make her want you.
  • Psychological mechanisms you need to trigger to make a woman be turned on by you.
  • How to show a woman your interest the right way. Most men don’t know how to deal with their interest in a woman, whether they should show it and how much of it is good. I will show you exactly how much interest you should show at what time.
  • The 3 ways in which a woman tests you to find out if you are a fit for her. I will show you exactly how women test you, how to recognize them and what to say and do to pass any test. (You will want to bite your ass when you hear what women to do to test you, because many times you just didn’t see it. Note: When you don’t pass these tests, a woman typically loses her interest in you in an instant.)
  • What a woman expects from you when she meets you for the first time, and how her expectations develop over time. Note: What a woman wants to see in you along the way of dating changes the more serious things get between you, and if you don’t know what to show her in the different phases, she will either be overwhelmed by you or don’t see you as a man for a serious relationship.
  • What you need to do different if you just want something casual and no serious relationship.
  • My 6-steps-plan to seduce a woman to sex, and what to say and do in each of these steps.
  • How to use body language to attract women without words. Be aware that most of how a woman perceives you is based on your body language, and that your body language must signal a woman the same picture as what you say and do or else she will perceive you as fake and not attractive.
  • The 5 traits women love in a man. Two of these are absolute ESSENTIALS or a woman will not feel attracted to you. The other three are what makes you the jackpot for any woman.
  • The reason why most relationships fail at a specific time and how you can avoid that.
  • My best 14 ways to approach women in a defensive and aggressive way. I will also show you when it’s better to be defensive and when you should be really aggressive. You can even use them the same night after watching them!
  • Simple gestures that have a huge impact. Note that women pick up all the little things about you, and I am going to show you my favorite gestures to use in different situations that make women be stunned by you.
  • The 4 challenges to turn a date into a serious relationships that lasts.
  • My 7 rules to find the right style for you, which attracts women. The way you style says a lot about you and a woman analyzes you based on your style in milliseconds to know if you are a potential fit for her or not.
  • The 4 phases of any conversation and what you must focus on in each of them to arouse a woman’s interest and make her want to see you again.
  • The 2 different kinds of feelings you must develop in a woman to make her fall for you and how to build these using specific techniques. I am going to show you a simple technique I many times use and which works genius.
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  • The differences when approaching women in different situations day and night, and what you should do differently in each of them. I am also going to show you what I have said and done in each of them and why that works so well.
  • The 2 components of a flirt. Most men focus on only one thing during a flirt and completely miss the other half. Yet both of them are essential to make a woman go for you.
  • 3 things you must never do in a flirt or a woman will perceive you as annoying or just a good friend.
  • 6 easy ways to transition from the opening of a conversation to the real conversation, and how to engage a woman to open up to you. These methods are very simple and you will have used them plenty of times without having been aware of it.
  • The best topics to speak about with women, which engage them.
  • My 12 best ways to trigger the “I must have him” feeling in a woman.
  • Why women many times act like a princess and make drama, and what you should do in these moments.
  • The most important requirement to make a woman turned on by you. If you don’t fulfill this requirement (and unfortunately many men don’t do it) a woman will feel no desire to have sex with you.
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