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Do you want me to handle your case personally?

Many of my customers also want to be in touch with me to get answers to personal questions and not be left “alone out there” with their situation.

Although most situations are very similar, we are all unique characters with individual details.

An individual coaching with me costs $ 2,000 due to the high demand. That is an amount, which only the fewest can afford or want to. But since I would like to give every single man the opportunity to count on my support, I have created a personal email consultation where I can support you personally in your special case from a distance – and that for an affordable amount!

Therefore I would like to give you the opportunity now to add a personal email consultation to your order for a small amount, and to have me and my team personally at your side.

With my personal email consultation you can tell me and my team of experts about your situation and we give you the best recommendation how to act in your case.

Note: Without my personal email-consultation I cannot answer any specific questions about your situation!

The personal email consultation costs you only a one-time payment of $ 49.99 USD. You can tell me about your situation and get me and my team’s personal recommendation about your situation, individually tailored to you!

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No, I do not want the personal contact to you and I am aware that if I have a question about my particular situation I will not receive any answers..