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Hey, it’s me once more, Mark! Give me a few more minutes of your time to explain to you the most common mistake I see many of my new customers make and how to avoid it. I promise you it will be worth it.

So, let‘s dive right into it:

The most common mistake I see is that they always apply my content uniformly, without adapting it to the differences of women.

This hardly ever works, because there are different types of women that require you to customize my content. You can have the best flirt tips, but if you don’t recognize what type of woman you are dealing with and what she wants from you at that moment, then all these great tips are of little use to you.

And as a Coach I see these mistakes over and over again.

The man learns a flirt tip and applies it strictly without having a feeling for the woman and properly responding to her.

And he ends up with nothing.

The woman thinks he’s weird, and he doesn’t understand what went wrong. All that just because the flirt tip didn’t do what he was supposed to do.

Either because the tip wasn’t appropriate for the situation or the woman. Or because the execution was poor.

As one of my new protégés it is therefore very important that you understand that all my tips are just a tool. And it’s the way you use these tools that makes you successful.

If you try to turn a screw into the wall using a hammer, then you will also have a hard time doing so. That is why you need to know which tools to use for which type of woman and in which situations.

So how about women telling you exactly that?

What other men have already tried with them and what works and what doesn’t. And that in the key situations that make the difference in getting to know each other…

How you approach her, flirt with her, build body contact, text with her, turn her on and seduce her to sex and make her your girlfriend.

And that from many different women. Of different type and different age.

How much would that help you to make the right call at the right moment?

How would she feel if you showed her that you knew exactly what you had to do to meet her needs?

And what massive advantage would that give you over other men who have not received these insights?

It’s obvious. Having this secret information from women about their deepest desires, needs and experiences that they wouldn’t even entrust to their closest friends would give your love life a giant boost! So that a woman only wonders why she finds you so great and why you respond to all her needs with the right answers.

And because this allows you to reach your goal so much faster, I made it my mission to gather just that for you.

I have been looking for women of different types, social backgrounds and ages and interviewed them about their deepest desires, needs and experiences that we men need to know in order to attract and keep her.

And what I found out was just killer.

To be honest, I didn’t expect to hear such intimate stories from these women. But it is exactly these stories, which they do not entrust to anyone else and which no man knows, that we need to know in order not to make the mistake and to treat women all the same… and to know exactly how we must proceed with them in the key situations:

When we approach her, when we flirt, when we date her, when we seduce her and when we try to win her over for a relationship.

That is why I have created something where I want to share with you all these intimate stories of women with the most incredible secrets they have entrusted to me.

And this is my interview series with women.

In it you will learn incredible secrets that will help you to know exactly how to act with different women in different situations. So that she sees you as “the right one”, because at every moment you just do exactly what she always wanted you to do. Only because you know her deepest desires and secrets that hardly any other man has ever discovered.

My interview series with women regularly costs $ 19.90 USD/month.

But because you have decided today for my four-step system, you can order the first interview from my series worth $ 19.90 USD for only $1.

Simply click on the green order button below and the interview is ready for you to download in my member area.

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Price: $ 1 today (from next month $ 19.90 USD/month)
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Don’t miss it. Even this one interview will already reveal secrets that will blow your mind. But don’t take my word for granted, just see for yourself.

And if you want to get the next incredible interviews with other women after this first interview, there’s nothing you have to do. Every month I automatically unlock another several hour interview with another woman, which you can download to your computer, smartphone or tablet for just $ 19.90 USD.

And don’t worry: We’ll handle your order completely anonymously.

Even though there is absolutely nothing reprehensible about it, I can understand if you don’t like it when someone knows that you bought my interview series. That is why neither my name nor the name of the product will appear on your bank statement, just an order number and “Digistore24” as the beneficiary, so nobody will know that you bought my interview series with women.

You can also cancel my interview series at any time. And I mean really anytime.

If at some point you don’t feel like it anymore (which I really don’t think you will, because the intimate secrets of these women will literally knock you off your seat), just send me an email and the whole thing is stopped and I don’t charge anything anymore.

No minimum term, no cancellation period and no other nonsense that is simply customer-unfriendly.

It’s important to me that you get the information you need to see incredible results with women, as simply as possible.

So make sure you get your first interview worth $ 19.90 USD for only $ 1 to secure this secret information.

And remember: This offer is only valid here and now, because you have decided today for my four-step system. If you want to get my incredible interviews at a later point in time, then you have to pay $ 19.90 USD right away and don’t get the first month for just $ 1 USD.

So decide now: The first month is only $ 1 and you can cancel at any time (even in the first month).

By the way, the first interview is with Vicky, an incredibly attractive 27-year-old who emptied two bottles of red wine during our interview because it got so intense in our interview.

So don’t wait any longer, just take the first interview for only $ 1.

Yes Mark, I would like to have the first interview for only $ 1 USD as a bonus and I agree that you send me every month another secret interview with a different woman for only $ 19.90 USD per month. (The first interview costs as a bonus only $ 1 and you pay only in one month for the second interview. Cancel at any time.)

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