It’s a shitty feeling to know that other men spend passionate nights (and more) with the woman you want…

…with the fine art of the „Authentic Seduction“ you can finally turn the tables!

My friend,

Do you know those moments, where other guys are after the women that you’ve had an eye on for a long time? And do you sometimes even get angry at yourself, because you have had the chance yourself, but simply couldn’t take it?

Do you have the feeling that something is always holding you back and that you don’t really know what you have to do in order to seduce a woman?

I know exactly how you feel. Carry on reading and I’ll tell you how I mastered all of this and how you can, too.

At first I was clueless and shy. As if I was paralyzed at the crucial moment. Later on I felt the adrenaline rush and a driving tingling sensation. Today it just happens automatically without me having to think about it.

I was the prime example of a “nice guy”, a man who looks good and is well-educated, but still didn’t attract women at all.


Because I simply didn’t dare to seduce a woman. I was afraid that women would reject me. And that goddamn hurts.

Besides, I always thought that women would prefer nice men…

You know, the kind that puts them on a podest, spends them drinks, always acts nicely and does whatever they want hoping that she would then return the favor with love and sex.

Okay, what I am telling you now is not that easy to swallow….

I will tell you one shocking truth right now…

Women love Sex… and women hate „nice guys“.

Not when it comes to making friends. Then “nice guys” are exactly what women are leaning onto. To tell them about their failed relationships and the new stud that she spent the last night with, but who simply doesn’t get in touch with her.

But “nice guys” simply don’t appear on her radar of passionate nights or affairs. And that’s exactly why in most cases not for a relationship either.

Okay, before any misunderstandings arise here, let me briefly explain who I mean by “nice guys”.

Those are men who:

  • Do not dare to seduce women
  • Lift women onto a podest and lip read every one of their wishes.
  • Don’t dare to appeal to women, to flirt with them and to live out their sexual needs with them

I know that all we hear from everywhere is that women are such soft beings and we men have to be extra gentle with them. I’m sure you’ve heard that many times before and it made you feel insecure within, didn’t it?

But the truth simply looks quite different…

Women feel the urge for sex just as much as you do. And in the process they choose men that dare to grab them, flirt with them and trigger their physical needs and sex fantasies in them.

But what are you doing with it so far?

Probably nothing.

And that’s really sad. Because in the end you both want it, you and her.

And it fails just because you don’t know what you really have to do or because you feel inhibited.

Okay. Enough of this! Now it’s time for you to learn once and for all how to get rid of your inhibitions and learn how to seduce women!

I used to feel the same way that you did.

Neither did I know what to do, nor did I have the confidence to do it.

Some fears or doubts held me back at the decisive moment and I always thought I had to be nicer than all the other guys in order to receive her attention, sex and love in return.

And you know what?

Most men still feel the same way.

To be honest, it is always the same few men who get all the great women, while everyone else just stands there and watches how these few men live out their sex fantasies with the greatest women, whereas they have to go home alone and disappointed.

And because there are just a few men who master the fine art of seduction, it is so much easier than you imagine to seduce women and spend passionate nights with them…

There’s only three types of seducers out there.

  1. The shy one, who doesn’t dare to make a move. He is the one who tries to get her through courtesy and only has sex with a woman when she takes the initiative.
  2. The player, who tries it through pick-up lines and embarrassing attempts with dozens of women and only attracts very few. Most attractive women find him childish and turn him down.
  3. The authentic seducer who stays true to his needs, acts authentically and awakens the same need in women.

Okay, it’s obvious…

Number 3, the authentic seducer, is exactly who you want to be.

If you use the fine art of the “authentic seduction” when you want to seduce a woman, it means that you directly address her physical desire for sex and passion, so it’s okay for her if you just grab her and kiss her in front of dozens of other people… and then you seduce her to sex.

If you DO NOT use the “authentic seduction”, you will have to watch how a woman loses interest in you after a while and gets involved with one of the few guys that master the fine art.

If you DO NOT use the “Authentic Seduction” and try to seduce a woman in ANY other way, you will always have to watch how she feels strange about you and rejects you eventually.

Instead of searching for stupid techniques or lines, why not take a fraction of your time instead and learn the fine art of the Authentic Seduction?

Exactly, there’s nothing wrong with that.

You are authentic because of that.

You are perceived by women as sexually attractive and do not scare them away because you do not violate any taboos.

You can only win.

What you need to authentically seduce women are only two things…

  1. The exact steps to seduce women in an authentic way so that it feels good for you and for them
  2. The confidence to go through with it.

Both I am about to teach you in detail in my course “Authentic Seduction”.

But before we get into what you will learn in my course “Authentic Seduction”, I want to explain to you what this course is not about.

What this course is not about:

This is not one of those “Just look at this and you can attract any woman” courses that promise you something absurd. With some women you will succeed, with others you won’t. This depends on attraction, compatibility and countless other factors, which we can only partly influence, but never fully control.

You will not learn embarrassing pick-up lines, concepts, or manipulative techniques that not only feel stupid, but are also perceived in the same way, whereby any reasonably intelligent woman will reject you within seconds.

This is also not one of those courses that claims to have found the “one trick” that allows you to attract every woman and get her into bed without any effort.

Now that we’ve sorted out what this course is not about, let’s get to what you can expect, when you order it today:

  • In this course you will learn how to overcome your fears, self-doubts and inhibitions, so that you feel confident and powerful as you proceed to the sexual level and try to kiss or seduce women. This way you will finally take advantage of all the opportunities that you have often been trying to avoid.
  • In this course you will learn how to develop your body language and style to not only be perceived as sexually appealing and put in the closer selection, but also to seduce women without many words.
  • And you will learn how to proceed in a socially acceptable way to increase your body contact step by step and to arouse their sexual interest in you. The difference, if you do this in a socially acceptable way, lies in the perception of the woman, so that she doesn’t consider it to be a taboo and doesn’t reject you within the blink of an eye (often times even harshly), but rather gets involved in it and now expresses her sexual side towards you.

Take a look at these two short clips from my course:

The Romantization of Sex

An excerpt from stage 2 to build body contact authentically

In this 6-hour video course, I’ll show you exactly what the few men out there do differently than everyone else when they seduce women and the exact stepy they take.

And that without coming across as somewhat clumsy, sexually harassing or cheap.

On the contrary, women will even love you for taking action and tell you that they are happy to have finally found a man who knows what women want and how to really attract them.

Forget everything that you have learned from women, your mother, your friends or society. Flowers, gifts and general attempts to “win a woman for you” are the fastest way to end up on the sidetrack and just as harmful as embarrassing pick-up lines.

Seducing women authentically can be simple.

And I’ll teach you in my course just how simple it really is. These are just a few of the secrets that you will learn in Authentic Seduction:

  • The 5 levels of touches, that show you where to touch women and how to work your way from one level to the next to gradually establish more physical contact.
  • The secret ingredient to be physically attractive to a woman so that she presents her sexual side towards you.
  • The “right framework” to operate in, so that a woman doesn’t consider your attempt as taboo or frightening, but as the right thing to do.
  • The factors of sexual attraction that you must know in any case or a woman will never be turned on by you.
  • How you can bring a woman home to your place and from there on proceed step by step to seduce her to sex (I will show you exactly how I usually do it).
  • My success plan to clean up your inner game and turn into an authentic man with sexual confidence who not only dares to seduce women, but is also incredibly attractive to them.
  • Why women hold back early sex with you and how you still get them to go for it and make them even chase you afterwards.
  • What you can do when a woman backs down at the last moment and “doesn’t want to” after all. I explain you what that means and how exactly you must continue now, so that she wants it after all.
  • How you proceed exactly during the first sex, from foreplay to afterplay.
  • I will give you perfect instructions and show you exactly what you should focus on and what you must not do under any circumstances. If you are still unexperienced, you will love this guide!
  • What you can say and do in order to direct your conversation into a sexually appealing one for her.
  • The 2 essential components of each seduction and how to apply them precisely. Note: If you are missing one of these two, a woman will not get involved with you, but will rather block you at the crucial moment.
  • How you work your way up to the kiss and how you can tell whether a woman wants it or whether you shouldn’t continue.
  • How to become a man who doesn’t mind rejection at all, but who manages to be interesting for a woman even when she originally rejected him.
  • How to prepare your home so that women feel at ease with you and how to use your place in order to seduce women even more easily.
  • How to use your body language to be sexually appealing to women.
  • A woman’s four needs during sex. Note: Only when she feels that you are able to fulfill these four, she will get involved with you.
  • The 3 enemies of seduction that you are most certainly afflicted with and that make it so difficult for you to seduce women.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Now let me ask you this…

How much would it be worth to you to have an ability that allows you to:

  • … never again be labelled a “good friend” by a woman you like.
  • … show your interest to a woman in a way that makes her curious about more.
  • … arouse a woman’s sexual interest in you.
  • … bring your relationship with a woman to the sexual level so that you can kiss and sleep with all the women that you are interested in…

… and all this in a way that simply feels good and right?

To be honest, I wouldn’t feel bad if I offered this course for 1,000 USD.

After all, this is about the most important skill of all times. It is about your love life.

Furthermore, for a one-day coaching I charge 2.000 USD and there I do not manage to teach you all of this knowledge in such a compressed way as I do in my course. Besides, in just one day I cannot help you to overcome all of your inhibitions.

But with my course “Authentic Seduction” I can… and even at a small fraction of the amount.

If we are honest, we spend a large percentage of our money on making a better impression on women. Whether it’s the money for new clothes or the contribution to the gym, that we many times go to because we want to attract women. Or the countless drinks that we need to feel courageous enough to take action or the many drinks and dinners we buy to gain a woman’s approval…

Save it once and for all and rather invest in an ability that will last your whole life and that allows you to REALLY attract women. This ability also makes you much happier, more self-confident and more balanced in life as you finally achieve what you really want.

Just imagine what it would be like if you could…

… flirt with a woman and now know exactly that if you wanted, you could seduce her. Possessing this feeling of confidence is exactly what I’m talking about. My opinion: Possessing this ability is priceless.

And yet I will offer my course to you for only 197 USD.

So you can get “Authentic Seduction” right here , right now for just 197 USD and start watching it on your computer, tablet or smartphone in the next 5 minutes.

Purchase my course Authentic Seduction right now and receive:

  • Access to my 6-hour online intensive video course that teaches you how the fine art of the authentic seduction works within 6 video modules, how to overcome your own obstacles and how to develop a sexual confidence that turns women on.
  • My 5 specifically designed workbooks that show you on 87 pages how to transfer the information from the video course into your life using my instructions, exercises and tips & tricks.
  • Free Bonus: Access to my bonus module “Autoresponder & Tests of Women”, where you learn how to avoid triggering a woman’s automatic defensive, which they have developed through the many bad ways they have been hit on by men
  • Personal contact to Mark Lambert: Whenever you have a question about a topic of the course or whenever something might not seem clear to you, you have the possibility to ask me your questions and receive a personal answer from me.

Authentic Seduction

by Mark Lambert, published 2019, only available as online video course

Learn how to overcome insecurities, develop a sexual confidence and seduce women authentically.

Price: $ 197 USD

My 60 Days Guarantee of Success:

As you know from me, I only produce courses that I am 100% convinced of that they will bring you the result that I am pursuing with this course. And that’s why I can offer you my 60-day guarantee of success.

Should you not feel massive results within 60 days, send me an email, show me that you have done the exercises from this course and I will refund you your money immediately.

You have no risk!

Either you get really good at authentically seducing women or you get your money back!

So what do you have to lose?

Since you are probably very excited to finally start working with my course and may be wondering what your progress will be once you get your hands on it, I thought I’d briefly explain this to you based on working with many men in the past…

This is what you can expect, as soon as you start applying the tips from this course:

  1. You will reflect on many of your past experiences and understand why they happened the way they did and what you have done wrong.
  2. You become much more self-confident and start to feel better from the inside.
  3. You radiate your newly gained well-being to the outside world. Women feel this and will be more and more attracted to you.
  4. Women become more nervous in your environment, but at the same time feel more comfortable around you.
  5. Women will send you more and more signs of interest. You will get more eye contact, smiles, shy looks and physical contact from women.
  6. Women will find it okay for you to establish body contact and get closer an closer.
  7. Women will allow it when you try to kiss them and reciprocate it.
  8. Women will get involved with you.
  9. Women will enjoy being with you and feel that it’s the right thing to spend passionate nights with you and to live out their sexual fantasies.
  10. Women will chase you, contact you more often and try to get you in a relationship.

Don’t let another day go by of living below your potential and having to watch other guys spend passionate nights with the women that you wish for and deserve. Start learning now how to authentically seduce women. Turn the tables and be the guy everyone else envies.

Authentic Seduction

by Mark Lambert, published 2019, only available as online video course

Learn how to overcome insecurities, develop a sexual confidence and seduce women authentically.

Price: $ 197 USD

See you inside the course!

Your friend,
Signature Mark Lambert


Frequently asked questions:

Will I stay anonymous when I buy your course?

Yes, no one will know that you bought this course. There is nothing wrong about developing yourself further, but I can understand that you might not want others to know about it. Your bank statement will only show “Digistore24“ as the payment recipient and an order number.

What happens after I click the order button?

You get to the order form, choose your preferred payment method, just enter your name and email address and click on the buy button. Right after that you will receive an automated email from me with your personal access information to the course.

You log into the member’s area of my website, where the course will already be waiting for you. All you have to do is click “Play“.

Do I need certain programs or system requirements to be able to watch the video course?

You will watch the videos within my member’s area, for which you will get your personal access. You do not need a program in order to view them. Any browser that’s pre-installed on your computer, tablet or smartphone can do that.

The worksheets come as a PDF. All you need to read them is a PDF reader. On many computers it is already pre-installed. If not, you can download the Adobe PDF Reader free of charge from the following link and install it within a couple of minutes.

Download Adobe PDF Reader for free >

Do I sign up for a subscription?

No, this is a single payment of 197 USD or 5 installments of 43 USD. There are no further costs.

What do I do if I have problems with my order or with the technology?

You can contact me and my team at any time at Even after your order my team and I are available to you at any time. Usually we answer within a couple of hours.

How does the money-back-guarantee work if I don’t see any success?

My money-back-guarantee is valid for 60 days. So you have enough time to watch and work with the material from the course several times. For all video modules you will find accompanying worksheets that you need to work on in order to apply the tips to your life. If you are not satisfied, simply send me the completed worksheets so that I can see that you have worked with the course and I will immediately refund the purchase price.

Is there a discount for students, apprentices or trainees?

Yes, students, apprentices and trainees can purchase this course at a preferential price. You need to sign up for my Student Program here.

Authentic Seduction

by Mark Lambert, published 2019, only available as online video course

Learn how to overcome insecurities, develop a sexual confidence and seduce women authentically.

Price: $ 197 USD