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Wait! Just one more step…

In order to receive the free email course, you still need to confirm your email-address. Right after you have done that, I will send you the first email from the course.

The confirmation is to ensure that you have entered a correct email-address and that it was you who entered it, and not someone else.

Please check your inbox for an email from Mark A. Lambert now (also check your spam folder) and click the confirmation link you find in it in order to complete your subscription to the free email course.

Confirmation Mail

After you have confirmed your email address, I have a little surprise for you that you will love and that I only give to students from my email course.

So, confirm your email address now, and stay tuned to what I have got for you!

P.S. It can take up to 5 minutes until the confirmation email arrives in your inbox. If you don’t find it after this time, enter your first name and email address one more time in one of my forms for the email course, and make you sure there is no typo.

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